2005 Busa Not Starting

Jonathan Burton

I've finally given up before I break something in fustration. Bike was running fine a couple of days ago. Now it fires and rumbles but wont start. I tried the usual trouble shoots, battery was fine even tried with jumper cables. I replaced spark plugs with new ones. Now Im cleaning the fuel pump.

Previous owner said he had a power commander installed but after stripping everything down he either had it removed or hid it in the devils arse because I cant find it anywhere. Ive read that they can cause engine malfunctions so I thought Id throw that out there.

The bike started fine until after I changed the clutch and break levers. I also switched gas from 91 to 87 after reading 87 is better for 1st gen busas. After these two changes I checked the bike and it started. Now, 2 days later, it does not. Hope this is enough info to get the ball rolling. Any and all help is greatly, GREATLY appreciated.


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Put the stock clutch lever back on and see if the problem is still there. There may be a contact or switch issue with the new levers.

David Offor

Can you squirt some fuel down the throttle bodies? Have you checked for a spark? Any codes in dealer mode? There is a gear selection switch behind the clutch, not sure if a damaged wire could cause you're problem though.
I know that busas run a little rich but I would have thought higher octane would be better than lower?
Check the basics, spark and fuel.


is it completely dead ? or does it turn over and rumbles ?
Id have a good look at fuel pressure , the filter is notorious for creating issues , there is a good write up on the site for this.


Did you check the fuses under the left black plastic cover from gastank to side fairing. there is a fuse in there that I blew the thing ran great one min jumped back on to start it and take it for a ride and all it did would crank. I was like WTF.. Bam blown fuse
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