1. Claude J. Greengrass

    Hill hold kills slow start?

    Hello there, I didn't find a mention using search so I fancied bothering some of you with my question regarding hill hold: The underground parking lot of my office has ramps steep with sharp turns. I therefore usually take the ascending turn with a momentum but I feel totally insecure in case...
  2. F

    2000 Busa Wont Start???

    Hey everyone, 2000 busa will crank and almost fire up but isnt wanting to properly start. When it does its only for a second. Have cleaned enture fuel system and can see all 4 injectors squirting fuel in when cranking checked all coils and have spark when cranking. Using CR9E plugs gapped to...
  3. F

    Tps Not Adjusting Gen 1

    Hey everybody. Got a 2000 model with Yoshi RS-3 but apart from that everything else is stock. The thing has been sitting for years and just went right through the fuel system getting that right. Now i got spark and fuel but it still wont run. I went to dealer mode and no codes were logged but...
  4. J

    2005 Busa Not Starting

    I've finally given up before I break something in fustration. Bike was running fine a couple of days ago. Now it fires and rumbles but wont start. I tried the usual trouble shoots, battery was fine even tried with jumper cables. I replaced spark plugs with new ones. Now Im cleaning the fuel...