2000 Busa Wont Start???

Hey everyone,
2000 busa will crank and almost fire up but isnt wanting to properly start. When it does its only for a second.
Have cleaned enture fuel system and can see all 4 injectors squirting fuel in when cranking checked all coils and have spark when cranking. Using CR9E plugs gapped to spec. Have adjusted the TPS and thats reading in correct position. Has new oil and filter and battery fully charged. No codes have come up just -C00 in dealer mode.
Any thoughts on what it may be?
Fuel filter? Just cleaning it wont resolve the issue if its shot. If you're certain the battery is good then my guess would be the filter. Is the battery fairly new or just "fully charged"? I've had a battery that was showing good levels on my meter but come to find out it was shot causing the problem you're having but again if battery is good check that filter.
Fuel filter has been replaced whole fuel system was been gone through. Cleaned out tank added an inline filter between that and the fuel pump. Brand new fuel filter inside. Pump is working and injectors serviced and flow tested. The are squirting aswell when i crank so i know its getting fuel. Im thinking some how timing is to far off but no codes have been logged.
tried a running 99 model Busa's ECU and did exactly the same. Cam Position sensor and Tip Over sensors also tested fine. going to try and do a fuel pressure test and see how that goes. I can physically see fuel squirting but not sure on pressure.


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Any recent work prior to the problem ? Bike history ? Sorry to do this to you, but are you using the fast idle ?
bike was ridden to Phillip island in Victoria Aus from South Australia (fair ride and wet conditions) as the bike left it started playing up some 3-4miles into trip home. it wouldn't go over 7000ish rpm. then gradually got worse and couldn't do any more than 30-40kms. bike got taken to a few bike shops and around $2000 spent trying to fix it and still no luck. sat around for 3 years not started and then I got to it. fuel tap was blocked full of poop so cleaned the right up so it flowed cleaned out the tank and lines the fuel pump insides too all cleaned right out got a new fuel filter as well put that on and then all 4 injectors serviced and flow tested. then found out the TPS was in incorrect position so adjusted that and made sure was alright.
by fast idle are you referring to the choke? the choke doesn't seem to do anything I tried adjusting the idle as well a tad so its still in range without putting the TPS in wrong position
by fast idle are you referring to the choke? the choke doesn't seem to do anything I tried adjusting the idle as well a tad so its still in range without putting the TPS in wrong position
Yes, that is what he's taking about. If it does nothing it may not be adjusted correctly. When you pull it fully toward you can you see it opening the throttle just a tad? If not it may need an adjustment. This is not likely your issue, but when your bike does actually start, this should help it run at a higher rpm until it warms up a bit.
Tested fuel pressure and was only 10psi. Thinking its the regulator as the pump seems to be working and getting enough fuel to injectors to squirt fuel but not atomize it
I believe the fuel pump is responsible for providing fuel pressure not the regulator.
depending on where along the fuel system you measured for fuel pressure it may still be the pump.
The symptoms point to a weak fuel pump, a clogged in a fuel line or filter, or a faulty fuel pressure regulator.
What ever came of this? I have a 00 Busa with the same problems. Turns over, won't start. On occasion it will fire up and idle at 4k rpm and won't idle down. Then I'll start again but same cycle. I've done the TOS trick, New battery, New plugs, cleaned tank, filters, lines, removed the known inner tank filter and pump screens, cleaned the injectors, the injectors power up for 4 seconds when the key is turned on. It will run if I take off the air box and spray choke cleaner over the Tbodies. Any ideas???
LostinSD, your problem is obviously fuel related. I don't know where to steer you but I know the fuel systems get clogged on these things often.

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