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    Hayabusa has gas and spark but wont start.

    So my 2007 hayabusa buggy wont start again. It cranks strong. We tested it by jump starting it. It has spark at the spark plugs. It has fuel to the cylinders and the injecters are spraying well. What else could it be? Any ideas?
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    Need Help Resurrecting A Hayabusa!

    I am picking up a 2000 busa that hasn't been started in about 6 years and I know I'll need to clean the old gunk out of the gas tank and I'll need new tires but I've never done this on a fuel injected bike before so I'm not sure what all else I need to do in order to get it running. Any advice...
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    2000 Busa Wont Start???

    Hey everyone, 2000 busa will crank and almost fire up but isnt wanting to properly start. When it does its only for a second. Have cleaned enture fuel system and can see all 4 injectors squirting fuel in when cranking checked all coils and have spark when cranking. Using CR9E plugs gapped to...