2004 models released


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so I happened to check their site today and found that they have revamped their site completely and have released all the 04 models, except the SV series?. I did notice the TL1000R is gone from the list :super:

Anyway, not a lotta changes in the 04 busa, headlight/passing switch and improvements to the hazzard lights they say.
I noticed that the TL was missing as was the SV models. I wonder if they are going to be added to later or if they have been dropped? Seems stupid to drop them but who knows.

As for Honda, we all know the new 1000 is a reality, but no mention of whether or not the 900/929/954 line is now extinct.

And what is this I hear of a new modern ZX10 from Kawasaki?
Oops. The SV line is still active, just not on the site yet. Wonder what has changed there? But the TL is still missing altogether.
Whew! Every time I see those colors I thank God that I went ahead and bought an '03! :super:
On the site, the black/purple is really just the same blue/silver with the tint properties changed. It looks nothing like the actual photo.

From everybody I talked to, the TL1000R has been dropped. I was actually looking for a TLR when I ran into a wonderful deal on the Busa. I couldn't find a TLR to save my life about 3 months ago. None of the dealers in my are had them and none were planning to order any more. They say they had trouble selling them and Suzuki wasn't making an '04 model. The TL bikes just have a cult following. Either you love them or you hate them. I've never personally been on one, but I love the sound. Any way, all's well that ends well. I don't regret my purchase of the Busa for a second.
wazup with that purple busa. That looks nothing like the one shown on the website. Who really wants a purle bike they should have just stayed with that metallic color
All I can say is I love my '03 SE!!!!

I honestly think that Suzuki dropped the ball this year on the colors. And from what I have heard here you all agree. You would think they would learn from the popularity of the solid color SE's. Why not a gunmetal solid, or TI grey solid, or a dark navy blue solid, or even a red solid. Come on Zuk, purple and black? Enough with the "Barbie fun paint". And then you drop the TLR, what a travesty.
I like the purple...I don't plan on changing bikes or anything but those colors could be hyped up... :super:
I know somebody will buy them just because they are BUSAS, but the color scheme for 04 really sucks. If i wanted a busa I'ld be looking at a used model ...something like the fastest prettiest Blue and Silver that was made in 2k1 .....wait a minute I already have a blue and silver 2k! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
I happen to like your idea of a purple busa... I happen to like the idea of a solid color too.
Monochromatics are the fastest!
Oh man... the TL is dropped? I was suspecting that... It was a very nice bike.
and by the way... 2001 colors and painting are the best :)
I like the purple too. I don't know how they'll sell, but I like the idea of more unusual colors for the Busa. Like the copper from '99. :)
Sorry, I like my Pumkin color better than the new ones. Looks like I won't be trading this year but maybe in 2005!