Hand controls problem...


Hey guys, I searched and searched and cannot find this exact problem or a fix for it... I bought chrome hand control covers (like turn signal/starter/headlight button) on ebay. They were listed for my year (02') but apparently are made for the slightly newer years that have the flass to pass and four ways. I did the left side fine, but on the right side the starter button was way different because of the hazard rocker switch... so I actually had a newer switch laying around and I swapped the newer switch and wires for the right side controls.

The problem is, the headlight, taillight and the aftermarket gauges will not turn on with that newer switch. It baffles me because if anything it has MORE than the old switch, not less... but apparently they are wired completely different. Has anyone tried swapping to the newer switches with flass to pass etc.. and how did you do it? I just want these chrome covers to work.. and this was a ton of work for very little bling to be honest.
Aftermarket switch housings have been a nightmare since they were invented for Harleys years ago.

If those 3 things are not getting juice,I would suspect yer missing a ground somewhere.All 3 get power from one circuit.

Or the newer housings get power for those things from a different place.It wont be the passing light (its switched) it would be the 4 ways.

I have done this mod(not on a Busa thou),and never will again,I dont like to mess with the kill switch,start button,main lighting circuit unless I have to.

Perhaps a search,or wait for someone who has done it. No instuctions I'm guessing.:whistle:

FleaBay strikes again,:banghead:

yeah rsd, I couldnt find this.. even went to google to just try to find SOMETHING.. and all I could find was a dude who fitted hayabusa controls to his superhawk...
ya the 04 up right switch dont jive with the 03 and earlier harnesses,they plug in but stuff dont work rightI guess you could pull pins and redo the configuration but all features still wouldnt work right.
UPDATE: I fixed her up today... So I had the 02 right hand switch assembly.. and the 04+ right hand switch assembly... the starter button for my 02 would not work in the chrome housing.. Sooooo... after much deliberation... I cut the starter button off of my 02 switch assembly, and soldered the starter button from the 04+ assembly.. NOW, this wasnt easy, because I had to figure out which wires were for the starter button. The 02 only had two wires, but the 04+ had four lol... So I somehow managed to figure out with trial and error and not blowing any fuses...

An hour later and I was riding. :)