2004 busa has a 220 gauge

what does it or does it not do? When you turn the key on do the gauges move, lights, anything?
I'm not understanding this thread @ all??? Title says you have 220mph gauges then your post says you have 185mph gauge and they don't work.... to say that they don't work because you plugged them in is a very vague description and without more information/detail it's gonna be hard to ask 4 advice or trouble shoot
Re: 2004 busa has a 220 Speedo

Maybe he means that his 2004 Busa currently has a 220 speedo but he wants a 185 speedo. But when he tries to swap it out, the 185 speedo doesn't work. At least that is what my Captain Planet decoder ring came up with... :dunno:
So again I ask what is with the title of the thread?? Where does the 220 play a factor in all this??
Is it a used gauge panel that you are replacing? Maybe one of the prongs are bent or broken. I have an 04 with a 220 cluster off an 00 and no problems and no modifications.
Problem Solved, We had been in talks whole time but I think he wanted reassurance :poke: D...His Package Shipped Today..