2003 Silver/Gray Busa

Just wondering if anyone has put any rearsets on thier Busa and which kind is best?

Sitting on a rocket, do you have any other pics of the rear of your bike, other angles and all? Would like to see that undertail from another angle.


here's my undertail from texas fairing.. i like the way it looks especially with the high mounts .. turn signals are a lil hard to see in day light.. so i added another set...

Hi, i was considering get the vortex rear sets.. from vortex racing.. how do you like attack performance??

vortex run around $300..
thanks, kattan
Installed a set of Gilles rearsets on my black '03 and really like the look. There is no dramatic improvement in riding position but they do look the business.

Can you get the Gilles lower than stock? Do you have a pic? If so, please post it. Would like to see how my all black bike would look.