2001 problem


I had a miss just off idle when taking off, like from a stop light. Nothing major but annoying. I decided before taking it in for diagnostics, I would disconnect the power commander (to eliminate the possibility of this being the problem) & plug stock connectors back together. When I tried to start the bike, it turned over a couple of times then the starter made a funny noise, & stopped. Now it wont do anything: when I turn the key on the fuel pump relay clicks rapidly, & the starter relay does nothing. I removed the starter & applied 12VDC to it & it spins but I'm not sure if it would under load (while trying to turn the motor). I don't understand why unhooking the connectors would have caused these problems. Its the same procedure for installing the power commander, plug n play. Any recommendations or help would be greatly appreciated
Was the PC grounded at the battery's negative terminal?

Perhaps something there. Just a guess.

Dont know shi7e. just somewhere to start.

good luck with it.
Sounds like a connection problem with the pins in the connectors, not enough voltage being passed, check battery connetions also.