1st gear problems


I have a 2006. My problem is when i first bought the bike the only mods it had was Voodoo shorty pipes "megaphones". Right before i had the dealer install the power commander III. it started to sputter REALLY bad in first gear. It sputters ONLY when i get on it. 2nd gear and up NO problems. The dealer didnt notice the problem when they installed and tuned the bike. i took it back to them and they said they never had a bike act like that. I took an onil sample to work and there are NO metal fragments in the oil. oil is pure. when the bike sputters the RPM's do not jump or drop. so that means the clutch and trany aren't slipping. i was told it could be the MAP or TPS. so far the map seems to be right but not sure. PLEASE is there anything else that could cause this problem?

Thanks for and advise.
first second and 3rd gears have retarded timing and different ecu maps... then 4th and 5th have yet another... and 6th yet another
:welcome: to the oRg. sounds like a map issue to me friend. Your problem started after the installation of the PC and the tuning. I'd take it back.
current mods on the bike: PCIII, Voodoo megaphones, K&N air filter, small air box mod, short billet velocity stacks, TRE. if that helps any.