1/4 mile time?


I'm gona run the 1/4 mile for the 1st time. Place is Moroso Motorsports Park FL. Bike is a 2000 busa with a power commander and hallowed out exhaust. everything awse is stock. Rider weight is around 170pounds with gear.
temp is about 78 F and humidity around 75-80%. What 1/4 mile times should I expect? R 9's really hard 2 get into with a stock busa? Last time i went i saw a guy with a zx12 run mid 11s..as a matter of fact only 1 bike that night ran a 9.8sec 1/4 (gsxr1000) well let me know what i should expect for a perfect launch med skilled rider and avg.
If this is the first time you've ever been to a track....... My guess is you'll run somewhere around the mid 10's (Even on the mighty Busa). Practice seems to be the only way most break into the nines..... Just my op! Whatever you do, relax and have fun! Go spank some Kawi's for everyone on the site............... Ks
Hey Crash, havent seen any pics of yo busa since last year is it all back together? Or did u go with the fur? :tounge: ;) :D