1. dorivan marinho

    Rapid Bike Racing + Brock´s exhaust

    Hello friends, I have a doubt, because I intend to put the rapid bike, with youtune, filter k & n, and the exhaust brock´s. And I wonder if anyone has already put the rapid with brock´s. Got maps for hayabusa 2019?Don´t have shift assist for hayabusa...,,only quilk shift...
  2. K

    Metal shavings from exhaust?

    So I just pulled my exhaust off (factory exhaust on a new bike with 600miles) and where the exhaust connects to the cat, there is metal shavings, really soft though almost like lead. Normal? Concerning? Noob?
  3. M

    yoshimura R77 pipe sizing??

    What is the pipe size for slip on that work with the gen 2 yoshimura headers and mid pipe??
  4. mitchelldanger

    Why do my legs reek of gasoline/exhaust after a ride?

    I'm a new guy, mechanically, and I've come by the mechanics stuff slowly so I would love any help I can get. The bike: I am running an 07' Busa with 16k miles and a Yoshimura twin full exhaust system and minimal modifications AFAIK (I wasn't ever informed about the type of tuning, though I...
  5. M

    Stock Pipes From 2014 Busa W/100 Miles On Them For Sale

    Last summer I put a Brock Alien pipe on my bike and took stock pipes off. $200 and there yours HMU
  6. Hunter

    Two Brothers M2 Tuning

    Hey guys! So I recently ordered a set of M2 cans for my first gen busa, and was wondering whether I needed to tune the bike after installing them. I eventually plan to buy a Power Commander, but i just dropped a lot of money on the cans themselves and can't really afford that right now. Should I...
  7. workin_ike

    Black Widow Exhaust

    Has anyone tried them or heard of them? I want to go with Coffman dual slipons but don't know what header I want to do. http://www.blackwidowexhausts.co.uk/gsx1300r-gsx-1300-r-hayabusa-2008---2015-4-2-downpipes-collector-de-cat-1770-p.asp
  8. Andy Taylor

    New To The Forum, Relatively New To The Bike

    Hi, I have just signed up and wasn't sure where I was supposed to say Hi, so I've put it here, Mods, feel free to move if I got it wrong. I haven't ridden in quite a few years, due to work and family commitments, my last bike was a Fireblade, which I loved. Unfortunately, I am now too old /...