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I go for the weekend when I leave on Fridays... Loaded for bear and heading to the outback...
Saddlemen it is really cool and works great on my BMW K1200RS... I used to ride to data centers and fix computers with that tail bag and a huge tank bag no problems... I use a cargo net to overfill it with the lid open. Works great on the Busa, I have the 4x Frankenstein bolts on the back seat area and I use zip ties to lock it in place - the standard velcro sticky system is a bit... lacking. With the big tank bag and tail bag, I can pickup 48 500ml cans of beer and ride across town - ready to boogie!
48 cans?? Is that all?
Back in my day, we would carry 14 dozen bottles of beer . . ON OUR LAPS . . to the next party lmao!!! :rolleyes: :poke::lol:
of course we have an out back
Its where we keep the garden shed and the BBQ and other stuff now that summer has finally started (Just barely) to arrive
here in the centre of the Universe What you call an out back we call Up north or Out east or Quebec ;)
I call the outback anywhere away from Toronto GTA... flying off grass/turf airstrips and aerodromes... lots of trees, farms and wildlife... floating down some rivers with coolers - summer is coming

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