"Ginny" Stock 2001 Busa 16,000 miles

Stock Busa & crazy deal so I had to...

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Came with front and rear stands, cover, levers, pegs, boxes of extra stuff
I'm just going through it - it's pretty good other than it's age and everything needs a service.
It had a short side stand mounted - previous owner was going to lower it (?)
Thankfully, it is still unmolested!

I have the bags on it so I can go for the weekend - Sport Tour!
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Pros: Gen 1!! Beautiful!!
Cons: Yeah right :)
Awesome 1st Gen bro. Lovin it!!!
Pros: It's a Busa
Love a good looking Busa.


There are threads with great tip on getting for "get up and go" out of your bike.

I first must qualify; I'm cheap !! I like nice things, I just don't spend much for them. I like finding deals; getting quality "off brands" and the like.

So, my "cheap fix" for more pep was to change gearing. Doesn't require ECU tune or flash. Cost of parts was $50; mechanic charged 1 hour labor at $60. Total cost $110.

Good looking bike, nice color, only a few months until the snow goes and you can ride, enjoy playing in the garage with it.
It came with gearing changed slightly lower, rear sprocket is a bit bigger - it has a "Speedo Healer" I'm not fussy about that yet, I will see how I feel about it after the pipe is on and K&N installed... then I can start tuning it up
for what it is worth Frank at Powerhouse will flash your ECU for $60'00 you may wish to call him and discuss it. Very approachable and all around nice guy. You mail him yours he mails it back. That is the special price for Busa . org people. I am told.
Oh Hey now... Thanks I didn't think I would see much Canadian content in here, Cheers
Where is Powerhouse?
I was wondering what to do next, after I get the K&N installed and the pipe figured out, I have not done
this before ECU flash virgin!
I just checked and you and I both inhabit Milton - I have my home-away-from-home there... Up on the escarpment on Bell School Line & I fly out of CZBA Burlington Airpark - I am a Burlington Flying Club member we some some cool aircraft and I fly them - if you are interested we could check them out in May...
there are a few Canucks on here. although we are a bit scattered. Powerhouse is in New York City He is a Sponcer of the group. He is around for time to time answering questions and showing off his stuff He along with other equally fine spongers are quick to share their knowledge with us. It is well worth reading their posts. you will learn stuff. I would recommend you may want to call him and discuss whaat you are doing/have done. This my first Fuel injected bike but I am learning there is a difference between Flashing you ECU and Tuning the bike on the Dyno. He or, I am sure, any others who work in the industry can better explain it to you. I m running bone stock and at the moment see no need to change but pipes and filter changes will certainly benefit from an expert and experienced hand if you plan to change up the fuel flow

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