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I recently purchased the Axial base layers (pants/top) as well as the Axial block one piece suit and block neck warmer-- Went on a 1 hour ride today in 45 degree weather and didn't feel a thing! I almost can't believe how well the layers worked because they are actually pretty thin. They are a little pricey but well worth it for anyone who likes to ride year round! I got them from cyclegear. Ride safe and ride often!
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When I was in the Army we had a 2 piece gortex system that we used. There was a thermal layer that was real think like under armor that we called our ninja suit. We would wear that under our ACUS then we had gortex water proof top and bottoms. It was a water proof layer that did a good job of keeping the wind out without being bulky. I used to use the bottoms on cold days along with my jackets cold weather liner made be cortech. I had alpine stars cold weather gloves and I was good for pretty low temps.

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