3-wheeler Touring Car

2002 BMW K1200RS built into a Grinnall Scorpion 3 800lbs 130hp

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Top speed dropped from K1200RS 150mph to Grinnall 130mph because the rear wheel diameter is smaller... pretty punchy little screamer, corners pretty hard - 1st paintjob was Silver - after we put out a fire, the redone body was painted gunmetal grey. We use a GPS for speed - no speedo, no reverse!
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Gas tank filler tube did not have a vent line... pretty simple oversight. The lack of decent build instructions, things like how to vent gas tank, left it up to us... so, one hot day when the gas tank was full and was venting gas overboard, the fuel spilling ignited on the hot exhaust and we had a fire... my wife and I were driving in it that day, no fire extinguisher and no help from the houses close by... watched it burn. Then phase two, we received the correct filler tube, redid the venting and all the wiring and a few things that were not recoverable and mounted a fire extinguisher. Painted a nice gunmetal grey and it is back on the road. It hurts to talk about it!
As an owner of a 2008 K1200 GT, I say your project is a vast improvement.
Love the GTs adjustable suspension, windshield, heated grips, seat - and goes like stink. Great tourer. But falls into corners a bit and is top heavy, especially at low speeds. Also wa-a-a-y tall for me.
Sometimes, I'd like to torch it myself!:rolleyes:
So this is a great treatment!
I enjoyed the pix.

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