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    WTB: Supercharged Hayabusa

    Moderators please forgive me if posting this here is against the rules. I wanted to get straight to the supercharger folks... Ok, so I've been riding my 02 Turbo Busa for a couple years and I have the bug to try a supercharged machine. There is one I'm interested in, but I'd like to see...
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    Stupiest question every about a TIAL external waste gate.. .. Please help!

    I'm such a ninny... I swear. Thanks... OZ... long time. :)
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    Stupiest question every about a TIAL external waste gate.. .. Please help!

    Just to add... there is no boost controller on this bike.... just a 4lbs spring.
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    Stupiest question every about a TIAL external waste gate.. .. Please help!

    Ok guys... haven't spent much time with the Busa lately but I was just changing the spark plugs and I happened to notice that the banjoy fitting on the top of my external TIAL wastegate has nothing attached to it (obviously designed for a hose). I've never gotten too deep into the bike since...
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    What did I fry by pressing "recondition battery" on my charger?

    Hey guys, thanks. The charger is one of those digital chargers. The brand is Black and Decker (like the tools), but it's rebranded. I forget the company but is a ****dyne Anyway, once the battery is charged, it will monitor and kick in with a 1A charge if the batt' falls below a certain...
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    What did I fry by pressing "recondition battery" on my charger?

    Hi all, it's been awhile since I've been on. I've been busy with all sorts of things and not riding the Busa as much in the winter rain. Ok, so on a 2002 T-busa... I take it for a ride...cold weather gear on, and I get home and hook the battery up to my automatic charger to keep the...
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    Busa vs. ZX-14

    Don't get me wrong, a lot of Busa guys call the 14 ugly and what-not. I don't think it's ugly, It just reminds me more of a really nice fast looking touring bike. The compliments I'm talking about are usually from people who don't know much about the current state of speed. They just like the...
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    Busa vs. ZX-14

    I've stayed away from the 14 vs Busa threads, but I guess I'll just weigh in just this once. I've never ridden a 14. I've seen a couple in person, and I've seen lots of pic's on the net. I simply think the looks of the 14 leans past the 50/50 mark towards touring in the sport touring...
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    Your thoughts on this design?

    You're welcome. Only took a few minutes and I thought it might help you and others visualize better. Better to do it in Photoshop first, than in real paint and decide you don't like it. Sean
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    Heated Driven D3 aluminum grips with R1 tube?

    Following up: Sorry to say but D3 grips should not be used with grip heaters. It was an experiment that has failed. While the grips get nice and warm, the silicone compound rubber parts of the grips deform easily when warmed. This is interesting when you warm the grips, ride, and shut the...
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    Your thoughts on this design?

    Well I personally get the shutters ever time I see a busa with a frame that isn't black unless it matches the primary color of the fairing. For instance, a stock unpainted (i.e...silver) frame on a black bike...yuk. On a silver (or mostly silver) bike...OK. I just think the frame visually...
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    I'm confused...

    Less wrist strain....
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    Living With Your Hayabusa

    I've been riding mine daily for about 5 months. My other (running) vehicle is a 454 crew cab dually, so I get 3-4X the fuel mileage riding the bike. I ride in the rain unless it's really storming hard, or if I need to take my Great Dane somewhere...etc. The biggest hassle is putting on...
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    Free hostess twinkies!

    When I was 10, I got a box of 12 Twinkies for Xmas (amongst other things). When nobody was looking, I took them in the kitchen, poured a large glass of milk, and proceeded to eat the entire box. Bottom line, I haven't had another Twinkie in the 35 years since then. Sean P.S. can you find the...