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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by red1100cc, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. red1100cc

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    here's the short story
    i was filming officers on Beale St. make an arrest when an officer approached a group of us and pushed us, quite violently i might add, about 10' down the sidewalk, screaming in our faces "clear the street!". i thought that was ****ed up! so i turned to him, and with my camera still on him, i asked for his name and badge number (thinking i would file a complaint later). when i did this, i was arrested for disorderly conduct and public intox. all my video and pic were erased off my phone by the arresting officer, and i went to jail.
    i got a lawyer went to court this morning and all charges were dropped.
    it was bull**** anyway. i wasn't drunk and i was being as polite as i can. i never raised my voice.

    i work with the police on a regular basis ans have never been treated this way by an officer.

    it cost me my flight out of here, extra motel and food costs, had to pay the bondsmen, Lawyer fees, exct..

    Memphis Can Kiss My Butt,

    im happy to be free!

    Im going home, never to return, ever ever ever again!
  2. III

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    That's exactly how that situation would end up for me 99.8% of the time, which is why I mind my business and keep on rollin. I try to pick and choose my battles wisely and trying to exercise my rights against a hot-headed cop (regardless of being right or wrong) just because vs. all the costs you described above usually makes for a simple decision.

    Sorry your trip was ruined. That sux.
  3. Ezduzit

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    Via Thunderbolt!
  4. twotonevert

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    I always knew you were trouble, its those shifty eyes......:laugh:

    Seriously bro, sorry that happened. Memphis is nice to just drive through, cant say I have ever stopped. Have you made it home?
  5. BusaBret

    BusaBret Almost...... Donating Member

    Sorry you were treated that way Red!:down:

    I watched a guy get arrested for offering a uc a nickel when asked if he was looking for a party. That was on Beale as well. I was on the next stool at the bat and heard the entire exchange personally.
  6. Blanca BusaLess

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    Better keep this on the down low cuz if the Cuban hears about this she's not gonna allow scofflaws in her home anymore. You big troublemaker, you!
  7. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    Did you make any friends while in the pokey? I hear Tn criminals are quite polite :)
  8. stretchabusa

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    Realy sorry to hear about that red1100cc, happened to me a couple of times when I was much younger and an easier target.

    Keep your chin up Brother and b@llix to em.

    Very best regards Stretch.
    PS gotta say, right attitude in terms of never go back, like it.
  9. NickSully

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  10. BlondeOnaBusa

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    Oh man, that's a bunch o bull right there. This makes me mad just reading about it.
  11. mrsBusawhipped

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    Wow, sorry your trip got ruined. That cop will get a visit from Karma. Even if he was having a bad day, he should not have taken it out on the by standers. ::51
  12. red1100cc

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    i am at the airport now. my wife, son, and all my brothers and sisters will be waiting for me when i get off the plane.
    i am going to take my phone to a tec fella when i get home. i dont know what he did to my phone, but it will not take pics or video anymore. he broke it somehow.

    sorry about the double post. i didn't realize it went through the 1st time. mods can you please delete the 2nd version of this post please.

    thank you for all your support. i will try and type up the long version on the flight home. it's the details of this that really steams my broccoli!

    :please: thank you Lord! im glad to be free again!:cheerleader:
  13. cheferman65

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    Heard, stay the hell out of Memphis.
  14. red1100cc

    red1100cc Registered

    :rofl: my wife found my mug shot! this pic was taken right before my release. by that time i was exausted and not having a very good time.
    SCSO - Who’s In Jail?
  15. cheferman65

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    Well that just sucks! You looked stoned out of your gourd!
  16. brpo

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    Similar thing happened to me in Myrtle Beach many moons ago. Go to this bar sober. Pay my ten dollar cover to include band and free beer until 7:00pm. Go to bar to get free beer - bartender says go see the guy/bouncer at front door to get cup where you came in - Okey dokey - walk four steps out the door to get my cup and the guy says you need to pay ten bucks - what! just paid ten bucks even have a stamp... Literally we have a 30 second conversation and the bouncer gives the nod to a uniformed cop. I was immediately arrested, spent the night in jail and released no charges the next day. Now you may think I was mad at the bouncer - not really - since when do cops arrest someone based solely on the bouncers word. Total BS and I wasn't even read my rights - just plucked off the street and jailed. I was young and without resources then but if something like that happened to me today watch out.
  17. mr8ball

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    Maybe your tech guy can recover what was deleted and you can go back a press charges and get some of the moneys refunded. PLUSS get the AH that treated you so bad. Its just sad that our justice system works the way it does and some people get away with the things they do.
  18. red1100cc

    red1100cc Registered

    :laugh: nope, not stoned, just needin to go cry in the bathtub. by that time i had been up over 32hrs.

    my wife wants to use that pic for our Christmas cards to close friends..lmao:rofl:
  19. cheferman65

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    I'm glad you two can make light of a crappy situation!:laugh:..Hope it all works out for you and they remove any and all of the charges/convictions off the record.
  20. mysql

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    you should be able to find an app that syncs your videos to youtube, as well as password protect your phone so they can't just access the contents.

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