did the busa appear ugly

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by delbert, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. delbert

    delbert Registered

    some of you guys out there refer to the zx14 as ugly , fair shout. i think so too .

    i must admit when the busa was born i thought it was the most ugliest motorcycle i had ever seen , now though i cant get enough of it anyone else think this 10 year ago , may be the 14 will grow on me in time :rofl:
  2. Flicka

    Flicka Professional Booga Flicka Moderator

    I was 15 when the Busa came out and have wanted one ever since. To like the ZX14 would almost be cheating on her, and we can't have that. ::51
  3. Warputer

    Warputer Father of 4=Madness Donating Member

    I did think the nose was unattractive when they 1st came out.
  4. busa_black

    busa_black Registered

    My friends still call my busa the 'warthog'....
  5. Acehole

    Acehole The crowbar! Donating Member

    1300....need i say more? :laugh:
  6. Casperle

    Casperle Registered

    I thought it was ugly when they came out. Not anymore though.
  7. PaceMaster

    PaceMaster Donating Member

    Yep--- thought is was pretty weird looking.... the copper silver that is..99--- then in 01 i saw a blue silver, new at the dealer and said to self One day i will own one...April 02 was the big day..had to ride it home 40 miles... grinning ear to ear the whole way.
    Then when it was still new too me..i brought out some booze to the front step of the house and plugged in my electric jacket into it and just stared at it.....Ah the pleasure and a sweet buzz to boot..... Can anyone top that hehehehehe.. or is that way over the top..... :laugh:
  8. memorex

    memorex Registered

    The first busa I seen was the copper/silver. Thought nice looking bike. But the color! Then after seeing it a few times the color grew on me. Now I wish I bought it.
  9. bazooki

    bazooki Registered

    When it first came out it was like a crazy work of art that was so wicked fast looking just sitting on the showroom floor. The way the nose and fairing came down over top of the front wheel....you could tell that this thing means business. Unlike anything else.::6
  10. AJAY

    AJAY Registered

    Yeah, I didn't much like the Busa either when it came out, but I sure love it now, both the Gen I and II.

    I also hated Ford's F150 pickup when the modern style came out, but now it looks normal, even if I don't really love it.
  11. Busa1166

    Busa1166 Donating Member

    Not I fell for it an wanted one soon as I saw the first commercial.. Thought to myself that thing looks like it was made to slice through the air like a hot knife through butter. Never imagined I would ever one. I can't see myself riding anything else around town now.
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  12. cipher5791

    cipher5791 Registered

    I must admit that I did not care for the busa at first. It was not until I bought one that I learned to appreciate the beast. Now I think it is the best machine created. I must admit that B-King has not grown on me yet.:whistle:
  13. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    When I had my 97 ZX11 I used to look at them and laugh.
    What a yooogly bike I would say.
    All fat and all over the place.

    Now later they have made them very nice looking and the Kawis have gone the other way.

    I am really happy the GenII looks like it does.
    I went to delaer with intent on buying a ZX14.
    Both bikes were right next to each other.

    Kawi had plastic fluid resovoirs, busa had traditional metal ones with window I like.
    Kawi had bug eyed front end, busa did not.
    A simple look a the Busa compared to the Kawi showed it was more refined and better insulated for riding in the heat.

    What really sold me was Suzis 1.9% finance rate and one of the mechs in back told me if I was still turned off from my 'shin-bone' fryer Zx11 that I needed to buy a busa cuz they ran much cooler than the Kawis as far as body parts getting fried went.

    So here I am very happy !

    Form does follow function...
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  14. chrias

    chrias Registered

    The designer of the Busa meant for it to look ugly. Google ugly hayabusa and you'll see.
  15. Max Speed

    Max Speed Registered

    Yep I have a 2000 Busa and people thought it was ugly, but she was so fast they never had to look at her long. Now I also own a B-King and even people that have Busa's think she is ugly. I guess over time people will change their minds, we will see I guess.
  16. Commuta_Busa

    Commuta_Busa Donating Member

    I thought the original design was different. Not exactly ugly just more efficient. Alot of people thought it was fat n ugly but that didn't deter me.
  17. BusaPops

    BusaPops Registered

    Saw a gold flake and black K9 or K8 at the gas station last night. It looked HUGE. I wondered if mine looked that big. Dad says it does.....hmmmm
    I don't like the new style rear end, especially with those ridiculous exhaust cans. Looks like bubble gum to me.
  18. Wayneovich

    Wayneovich Registered

    I have to admit I really did not care for the Busa when I first saw it but I have grown to love it the ZX-14 on the other hand well you know :laugh:

    J/K its a good lookin bike in its own right :thumbsup:
  19. busa-saga

    busa-saga Registered

    i never thot the busa was ugly. the b-king on the other hand, when i was buying my busa, the sales guy pointed at the b-king and i thot he was insulting me, UNTIL i rode my buddies, now i want one, BAAAAAD!
  20. dalynchmob4

    dalynchmob4 Donating Member

    love at first site :cheerleader: never thought she was ugly & never will :thumbsup:

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