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Discussion in 'Engine and Performance mods' started by ajblbv, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. ajblbv

    ajblbv Donating Member

    Lancaster, PA
    Hey guys, which fluids do you recommend using when replacing these? the brakes are DOT4 correct? is the local bike dealer best place to get this? what about the clutch? I am putting on galfer lines so will be bleeding and replacing all the fluids. Thanks guys
  2. BA BUSA

    BA BUSA MotoGP Wannabe Donating Member

    Santa Clara, California
    Dot4 for the clutch and brakes...any auto parts store should carry it :thumbsup:
  3. billyerds01

    billyerds01 Registered

    upstate NY
    what he said.:thumbsup:
  4. Aquaman

    Aquaman Banned Permanently By MC Mustang

    One step ahead of the posers!
    I use Motorex 5.1
  5. BiggDaddyBusa08

    BiggDaddyBusa08 Registered

    New Jersey
    +1 the local auto parts store should have dot 4. I got mine from advance auto just down the street from me.
    One more thing never NEVER never mix dot 3 or 4 with a dot 5 fluid.
    the difference is dot3/4 are a petrolium based fluid and dot 5 is a silicone based fluid ya cannot mix those two fluid cuz it will ruin all the rubber hoses and seals if you put the dot5 in a dot3/4 system.
    I have seen people do this and it will work for awhile but once the dot5 runs thru the brake/clutch system then all rubber parts must be replace and all the metal lines must be flushed out with alcohol and then with the correct fluid.
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  6. OUTLAW1300

    OUTLAW1300 Registered

    Omaha, NE
    Yes they recommend DOT4 for both. I use DOT4 for the clutch but Motul DOT5.1 for SS brake lines. If you ride fast, gotta be able to stop fast.
  7. Mr Bogus

    Mr Bogus Trouble Makers Inc. Donating Member

    Unless you know the caveats to dot5 stick with 4 :)

    this is like an oil or type of air in tires thread waiting to happen but DOT 5 is NOT DOT4 and they have some very distinct differences and unless you are a hard core racer with time to work on your bike more often, you are ahead to just stick with the factory recommended DOT4...
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  8. bad4good

    bad4good Registered

    Dot 3 & 4 and Dot 5 & dot 5.1 do not mix what should go in apart from different boiling points different addictives are in them. The hydraulic fluid is well away from any hot parts & the stock seals are designed for Dot 4 only.

    hydaulic fluid will in time suck in water from any time exposed to air, it is possible to remove this by boiling the hydraulic fluid at 100 deg C.

    If your brakes are going spongy and have lost there snappy sharp feel.. first do quick rough check after a ride check by a quick touch of the brake disc's are all your disc's feeling the same temperature?

    The square profile on the brake seals can become pinched between the cylinder & bore.. if this happens the brakes often stop working..fluid weeps past the pinched seal and brakes begin to feel less then perfect.

    if this happens fit round profile seals less prone to pinching you can pick them up any hydraulic spares shop.

    repeat using dot anything different from dot 4 will not be as good
  9. mike1180

    mike1180 Banned

    Alberta, Canada
    Only DOT 4

    Not DOT 3,
    Not DOT 5.
  10. mcbusaturbo

    mcbusaturbo Registered

    Des Moines, IA
    +1 to mike

    Dot 4, and side note, NEVER mix any of them
  11. kjcili

    kjcili Donating Member

    Cary, IL
    +1 with mike also......only dot 4. tried flushing my front brakes and running a 5, now I have to change all my seals in the calipers, replace the master, and new brake lines cuz my brakes are dragging due to seal swelling. I burn up a set of pads since this mental melt-down about every 700 miles now.:banghead:::25

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