Zero Gravity screens


Just put a ZG Dark smoke screen. Had a helluva time making it fit. Noticed the ZG was not beveled like the stock one. It's in now, but looks like it is doesn't sit quite right cuz it is thicker.

Anyone else know what's up here, or am I just a dummie???

Dude if you have a Zero Gravity DB that is thicker than stock something is horribly wrong...

They are not beveled so no sweat there, but something really isn't right... The Pyramid DB's and Some of the PowerBronze DB's I have heard are thicker than Zero G and occasionaly they have had a few problems with fit, but not Zero G....
I agree. I've heard bad fit stories about the Power Bronze DB. Heard nothing but good things about Zero Gravity. You sure it ain't another brand of Double Bubble screen? :super:
It's not a DB, same as stock, but dark smoke. It's the same thickness all the way around and the stock is beveled down. beats the dog outta me! I'll take a photo of them side by side tomorrow when I get home and post them. Someone's gotta keep the streets safe!!! :tounge: