Zero Gravity DB "Touring" Shield


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That's right boys ole' Wardie went out and bought a DB Touring screen from Pashnit. Need to give Tim a plug here..his service is excellent and I got the best price. Okay endorsement over..screen arrived a day ahead of time and I'm going to install Thursday after work. This weekend I'll give her a couple hundred mile ride and post a report and pics on my observations. I am hoping:please: it doesn't drop the gas mileage anymore..I'm getting between 33 and 39 now depending on the right wrist. Wardie
Sweet, I've been looking at one of those too. Let me know how you like it. If the review goes well, I may just have to order one for myself.
Zero Gravity Touring screen. Definitely upward curve darker tint. We'll see where it puts the air. I like the looks of my Suzuki Factory Sport Turing screen but not where I catch the air. Fatiguing on a high mileage day... Looks are less important than functionality... Wardie
How long did it take from order to delivery?

I ordered one nearly two weeks ago from him and I've heard confirmation e-mail either.
I really like my Suzuki "factory" touring screen, but then I am pretty short at 5'7". Am curious to hear how you like your new screen over the Suzuki screen.
I think you'll like it, it sure cut the wind factor down significantly!!

I tried the ZG touring screen but didn't care for it. At 6'-0" the air flow was hitting me in the middle of the helmet, which made for quite a bit of buffeting. Switched to the double-bubble so my head is in clean air. Just my $.0002 :beerchug:
I'm 5'8" and 1/2" so I think this might just be the ticket for my height. I'll post pics after installation and test run maybe 300 miles or so ought to be enough. Wardie