Honest touring windshield opinions..


Motorboatin' Moonpies, Gangnam Style
Just wrapped up another 950 mile weekend yesterday, and am looking for some honest opinions..

I'm real close to pulling the trigger on a Concours 14 strictly due to the luxuries of the sport touring world..
I've got Helibars, Buell peg mod and a Corbin seat on the Busa, and I'm fairly happy. My main gripe recently has been the windshield. I'm currently running a Puig double bubble, but I'm looking for something better.

Here's the main question then. How much better (HONESTLY) is the Zero Gravity touring shield. I know its ugly, but I'm looking for function over fashion for road trips.

Please give me your honest opinions and don't chime in unless you've actually had one.. :poke:

Here's a pic of my "touring" setup currently.. :laugh:

photo (4).jpg

photo (4).jpg

Sum Beach

I really like the ZG ST windscreen. I bought it mainly because I was using the bike for the 60 mile commute to school and it made a noticable diffrence.
I am 6'2" and it put the wind deflection right at the middle/top of the helmet visor and with a slight hunch at speed its on the top of the helmet.
I recently did a 460 mile, 6 hour trip to Niagra Falls and with the ST windscreen and the trottle rocker, the trip was actaully quite enjoyable!!
The only wind buffering on the helmet was mainly from the 18 wheelers.
Misc Family pics July12 013.jpgMisc Family pics July12 018.jpg2009 Melissa Touring Edition 003.jpg2009 Melissa Touring Edition 007.jpg

And I think it looks cool!!!

Misc Family pics July12 013.jpg

Misc Family pics July12 018.jpg

2009 Melissa Touring Edition 003.jpg

2009 Melissa Touring Edition 007.jpg

Blanca BusaLess

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Sum beach I like the red rings on wheels. Nice touch.
When and how did you sustain the damage on the fairings?

Sum Beach

The red stickers are made by Speedmetal and I got them from Cyclegear. Its also reflective.
The damage was from the original owner who at the time of trade in, forgot to put the kickstand down and dropped it in the parking lot.
Its only minor cosmetic damage so it not high on the priority list to fix right now.


I had the double bubble and now have the Vario and love it. I don't have a pic of it up but when riding I rarely put it down. even when it was in the upper 90s. it lets some air through but buffers you quit well.


wannabe HOON
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Add me to the list of "happy" ZG ST screen owners. Used it on an 1800-mile road trip last year and a 1500-mile ride just recently. FWIW, I am 70 inches tall with a 30-in inseam and also have heli-bars.
P.S. Blanca, I am a fan of the rim stripes because it helps with nightime visibility

Busa in Sta Clara.jpg


Motorboatin' Moonpies, Gangnam Style
My biggest concern is inside helmet noise. Seems all of my wind comes off my chest then directly up into my chin guard area.
Do the ZG touring shields help with this? I'm almost 6'..

Thanks for the answers so far guys, and yes, I've considered the MRA, but the price is a little out there.. :banghead:
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