Your Palms Will Sweat!


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Lobusa told me not to worry...that she will coordinate a nice agenda for people to participate at will. She has done just that. Well here it is!

Hey Guys,

I am still taking off the whole week and will be staying in Salinas on tuesday/wednesday nites, then on to Monterey from thursday on.  It seems as though most of the folks will be coming in on thursday.  For those who are there earlier, we will probably do an early morning ride on thursday and come back early afternoon and meet up with everyone showing up throughout the afternoon. Once everyone has arrived, we can all ride into Monterey and check things out, get some food and get to know one another.  I was thinking Bubba Gumps is a cool meeting spot.

Friday morning, for all of those interested and not going to the races on that day, we will be getting up early and going for an ALL DAY ride....  I have had many requests to see San Francisco, Golden Gate, Chinatown, Pier 39 etc......  We are going to leave early and head up to San Fran, see the sites, stop and eat (based on general concensus of what everyone wants), then on to more riding.  The second half of our days riding will be up into the mountains to the local "biker spot" and hittin the twisties and down towards the coast.  Then on to Santa Cruz to rest and hang out and get some good photo ops before we head onward back into Monterey.  Those who choose to do dinner together, we can pick a spot after everyone has an opportunity to clean up (and rest) and hook
up later and party together that evening.  Friday is going to be a LONG DAY.  Monterey is over an hour and half away from San Francisco, and we will be doing alot of riding that day to see all that everyone wants to see.

Earlier in the week, the folks arriving tues. wed, we will be riding as much of the Bay Area as we can fit in. Since that will be a smaller group, that agenda is going to be based on what the group wants to do.

On Saturday, we can get up (whatever time everyone likes, it's just a short ride away) and head over to Laguna Seca raceway and watch the races. I usually bring a small blanket in a backpack to sit on at the races.  I also wear shorts under my jeans so I can take them off.  There is a coat check where you can put your helmet/pants/backpack/jacket in a secure area until you are ready to leave. Hopefully by this time, everyone will have either two-ways or eachothers cells phones #'s so we can hook up at the races throughout the day.  I plan on leaving early from the races on saturday and hanging out on Cannery Row. (around 1:00PM)  This is a very exciting time to see ALL THE BIKES!!  People get out there early and find a parking spot on Cannery Row near Bubba Gumps.  There will be tons of bikes/clubs riding down Cannery Row  for us to check out.  You can walk up and down the street and check em all out and meet tons of folks.  That evening, if the group wants to eat together again, I will have suggestions as to where we can go and for those who choose to do so, we can hook up again.  Saturday night the clubs in the areas are all jumping, and I personally plan on shakin' my a$$ a little bit...

My bike club (NO LIMIT) will be in town Saturday and I will probably hook up with them to post up on Cannery Row.  But I will always be available for you guys and you are welcome to hang out with us on the Row if you like.

On Sunday, it's kinda the same as Saturday for those going to the races.  Get up at your leisure to ride over to Laguna and watch the races.  For those who wish to ride over together, we can always plan a time/place to meet before we head over there.  Since most of you will be in Salinas, maybe we can set it up to meet at one of the other members rooms in Monterey and then head in from there.  Or meet and have breakfast in Monterey and go from there as well.  Most things will be based on group concensus.  

If you have any requests, or feel as though I have missed anything please let me know.   I do have 2 friends from my club who will ride with the group on Friday to help me keep everyone together.  But for the most part, we will need to police ourselves and maintain good group riding practices, patience, and common sense!!!  There could be as many as 35 of us riding together!

I will wait to hear from anyone/everyone and appreciate any positive input here.  

Can't wait to see/meet/ride with you all!!!



That is it folks. Make sure to bring your camera. Never has there been so mny Busas altogether before.

Thanks for the itinerary Greg!

I will be arriving Mon afternoon/evening and I'm looking for a Tuesday day ride.  Lo?

Some of us are doing the Saturday track ride, so maybe we need a place for us to meet so we can have a big 'Busa group going around the track.  Maybe we can meet some of the LaBusa people there.

Yeah, palms sweating!
Wish i could be with you gang.
Im with Big O on this one, Im gona be getting there on Monday (most likely late afternoon to night) and I know Im gona want to ride on Tuesday. I know Me and O are sharing a room with each other so what ever happens we will most likely be doin it together. (I hope that didnt come across as bein kinda "funny")

What ever happens, Im up for it. I for sure want to meet as many people as I can although I more than likely wont remember there names.

Im gona be snapin a lot of pics, and I hope to make a bit of video also.


Great job Greg and mucho props to Ms. LoBusa. I too will be arriving early in the week. My check-in date is on Tuesday, so look out for a brotha. I may not hit the roads until Wednesday because I have an uncle that lives in SanFran that I want to drop in on for a spell.

HI LO,My partner and I get into SFO at 10 in the am on thurs my sister in law will take us to Oak town to pick up our bikes if you pm me your cell I will try to hook up with you for that thur ride once we're mobile sounds like a good agenda to me.
Thanks Greg/Lo,
I will be arriving on Friday morning. I'll be staying in Seaside. I look forward to seeing everyone to put a face with the names. I only have one question. Where will you guys
be parking on Cannery Row. I usually try to get down around
Buba Gumps. The only problem is you have to get there early because all the specialty bikes park in front of the restaurant.
Space on the street in front is at a premium. I would like to
park near everyone if possible. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I wish I could go on the rides with you, but I'm bringing my wife and this is our time alone to spend together over a weekend. Later.
Gonna be "FUN" Wife and i should arrive at Salina's Goodnite in on Thusday afternoon..lookin' to crash at Doc's pad or Big O's..then we have a reservation for Friday Sat and Sunday......Our own room.....yea...Wait till you see my Busa with full Givi bag setup..still a 160 horse Rocket.....YEA..
Thanks Greg and Lobusa for setting this up..Cannery Row...
Bring camera....yep...CYA PaceMaster////yeeeeeehaaaaa.
And can't wait to meet Cache...ol fun fun.
BA and I had a little bet going about the most popular color, maybe he forgot!

You and I will have the COLD beer!


T-minus how many days and counting to BUSA HEAVEN!!! Jester and Big O, I will be coming to Monterey early tuesday morning to hook up with you and any others who are there and want to ride that day... Tuesday is "riders choice" whatever you guys are looking for, I will take you to it! Wednesday, we will go through part of the Friday ride I have planned for the Gang, and then I am taking you over to my backyard for some spectacular views of the Bay Area from the Oakland Hills. Excellent photo ops Jester!!!!

Thursday morning is going to be a shorter ride so we can get back and start welcoming everyone else arriving that afternoon from .org. Jet, I will give you my cell# so we can time it to meet you in Oakland when you pick up your bikes and you can catch the second half of our ride and we can all head back to Monterey together...

As far as parking on Cannery Row, as close to Bubba Gumps as possible is the place to be. There will be bikes ALL up and down the Row, but the "elite" (of which we are all members of owning Busa's and all) will be in front of Bubba Gumps. Getting a spot anywhere on the row will be cool.... that's why it's good to leave the races early on saturday.

I know I said it before, but San Fran/Oakland are a long distance from Monterey, we will be riding a LONG TIME going to and from the Bay Area.... there will be plenty rest stops, but please believe me your buttock (how's that Big O?) will be sore at the end of the day... but I promise it will be well worth it!!!

The countdown begins...... Can't wait to see you all!!




Lori thanx for puttin this together. Since you guys will be scouting some of fridays ride, you may want to ask the guys to take note of hazards... other safety factors, I have some hand signals I use when group riding and can pass those along if everyone wants - Kent
what kinda photos are we talkin hear Lo?? All I know is I cant wait for the day. I am counting the days. The only thing Im not lookin foward to is the 25 hour drive its gona take me to get there.

But like Big O said, we will have cold beer at the hotel and places to chill, thats all that matters.

I cant wait.
Thanks Lo for all your planing. I can't wait. But like Jester said the drive out is going to suck.
20 days from now according to my guesstimation. Not to worry about my nairy behind getting sore Lo! (how about a nice cup of tea?)

Anything twisty would be great for Tues, but I'll go with the group, I just wanna ride with you guys!
My butt wont be sore at all when you take a gander at what I'm riding.GL1800 Goldwing and my partner a 1800VTX don't leave us too far behind
Don't worry I still have ome skills to pay the bills.