Your handle?


Why is my handle Hank? Years ago I had some ski buddies and in our gang was a Mike, Mike, Mike and Mike. Well, someone got the idea to call everybody Hank! Still have some Hank friends and that was 20 years ago.
Well up until now I was atleast I thought liked but now I am going to be fragged for sure I am a NASCAR fan I met Jeff Gordons crew in Daytona I went for about 9 years in a row snuck into the pits hung out with Ray Evernham got them to sign my hat was pretty cool anyway I started stock car racing and there was a 24 so I had to add an X ie race24x he is about my age and makes killer money for racing a car at 200MPH + and only has to work a couple of days a week nice job huh
Ninja Eater started,

Well it started off looking for a female Ninja. Woops wrong story!

I was buying a new zx-12 a year ago, and did not like how the company handled the Customer service and questions. I happily went to the Busa and vowed to beat (eat up) every zx-12 that I came across. I have to say that the're not many zx-12's that I have come across that could take the Ninja Eater.
There is nothing sexier than a chick on a bike, and since sooner or later we will have a Busa...Ms (cause I am a female) SexyBusa...
I live near Deal's gap, and love to ride up there. Of course there's that double entendre thing with the name too .........

Could not think of anything cool.. so I just used the name on the side of the bottle of hair die that Sexybusa uses on her head... and there you got it.... Manic Panic..
Bosch makes some of the best products in the world, from spark plugs to commercial construction equipment. The Germans rock.
Hey Hank - I'm Larry this is my brother darrel and my other brother Daryl... hehehe



JWC my initials FBD make shift abbreviation for my first and favorite car FireBirD.
I am a Marine. In World War II we had a General named Julian "Howlin Mad" Smith. He was mad about everything. Well needless to say that "some" of my peers say that I am the same way so when I was a Sergeant they started calling me that. Just kinda stuck. Now I am a Gunnery Sergeant and they still call me that. That is the story..

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:
cuz I eat breath sleep sleds (thats snowmobiles for you warm climate guys) Theres two kids of sleds...Cats and dogs....whatta you wanna ride???????
Oh man sled what kind of cat do you have I have a buddy with a thundercat and a new ZRT600 I like the ZRT better but the thunder has more topend and torque but the 600 goes very very good I like Polaris for the ride I have a Ski Doo cause i coudlnt afford anything new and that RAVE valve makes my 500 go like a 600 now they all have them and going fuel injected what do you think of 4stroke snowmobiles there outlawing all the 2 strokes Where are you from
DEzzy or DEz, always spelled with a capital DE. Simply because it sounds cooler than Robert when hanging out... It totally has nothing to do with the fact that i am hyper active, attention deficit, and rythmically challenged ......lolol
In my road racing youth I was one of the early riders to copy Kenny Roberts riding style at the local track hence Kneeburner......
my name is Francisco but everyone calls me cisco. when i played baseball as a little kid through high school i had 35 on my jersey. so cisco35