Yoshimura RS-22 Bolt-Ons


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did anybody tried new yoshi RS-22 Bolt-Ons on their busa?
They looks awesome, a bit expensive tho..
Any pictures installed? Thanks guys.
Theres a guy here that installed them but in full exhaust. Looks awesome. i will try to find the post
I had saw that exhaust on a new gixxer and didn't think they where available for the busa. I would definitely had gotten that full exhaust.

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double post sorry

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I just ordered them, I will post pictures and sound file as soon as I get them . Next weekend I think.
$638.00 shipped. I didn`t find them anywhere less then that. too new I guess.
I`ve got it today and installed them in 30 minutes.
Sound is f*&(%####ing  awesome, I will make sound file later and post it as well.
I promised pictures, right... enjoy  


My old pipes, painted with ceramic paint. Black looks OK, i think.


one more







Sound a little loud in comparison with stock. Very low frequency sound and a little rumble, no backfire at all.
I didnt modify anything yet, not even marble mod.
My friend own sound design studio and he will professionally record the sound this weekend.
As a slight hint; ....maybe, I wonder if these new cans will also fit the probable new busa for 2007. Not sure, but seems like these new cans became available just this year. Looks good.
Yoshimura just made them available few days ago. I was looking for pipes since I bought busa few month ago.
I bought them from 58cycle.com and service is very very good. Fast and packed nicely. Youshi price posted on website $720.00 I didn`t find anything cheaper then $638.00 and free shipment.
I ride my bike to work today and those cans sound better on the road then in my garage.

I wanted keep revs above 5K all the time, sounds powerfull and not oboxios at all. sound file on different RPM to follow.
I`m happy with those cans, looks exactly as I wanted and sounds terrific.
Nice ride. Cans look good.
What other mods did you do?
Let`s see...
I put blinder laser jammer. it saved me at least twice already.
I have to modify DB dark smoke windshield and make transparent window at the bottom of windscreen. and that is the only place I could find on Busa for jammer. First I put it under nose and hit the fender when hard braking.
Passport 8500 mounted with suction caps, very stable, no shaking at all.
second project was sliders.
I bought 5 inch extended sliders on ebay for 30 something. They polished alluminum with replaceble delrin caps.
Already ordered another set after I forgot about side stand.

$5 for 2 caps.
making holes in plastics was easy but scary. I managed make them in place and just a bit bigget then sliders.
I also put chrommed grilles when plastics were off. I used soldering iron and no epoxy/glue.
I forgot to mention that I cut rear fender immediately, same with reflectors.
I installed undertail with two rounded lights, Man, those lights SUCK!
Nobody could see you and back of the bike looks cheap.
So... I cut those lights and put UFO light pannel in original taillight housing. I love it. $130 delivered. Lighting patterns is soo cool, looks like an UFO , definately.
But.... two little holes under the lights must be covered somehow... I fabricated two fake half-pipes.

I`m not sure if I`m gonna stick with this or change whole undertail in future.
Swingarm extensions off ebay for 150,
EK ZZZ 150 links chain $230 I think..
Best chain ever, after first 100 miles i adjusted it once and another 1500 miles I was wondering what the hell with this chain because it doesn`t need any adjustment it all.
I also fabricated license tag holder... and light for it in undertail. 1 hour work , no spending involved.
I polished passenger pegs.
Corbin seat is just great for my fat a$$
2100 miles on original BT56.
Dunlop 208 200 series rear tire much better then I expected.
HeliBars, love `em
I think that is it.
GOD, I never realised that I did all of that in 2 month...

If you need specific pictures just let me know.