Yosh box


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I bought my '01 from a sportbike mechanic. He said he adjusted the fuel system using a Yosh Box. He is now talking about installing a new exhaust on my bike and said I would not need a powercommander as he could use the Yosh Box. Since he is out of town this week and I am getting curious, could someone here explain this to me. Does my bike have something installed on it or, the way I understand it, the Yosh Box is external and he hooks it up, dials it in, and I am good to go. Is this correct?

Yup. The yosh box can adjust the orginal ECU in three different throttle positions. Low, mid and high.
it can adjusr +/-10% in 5% incrediments ( IE -10,-5,0,+5,+10% ). A very "rough" way to adjust the fueling but sometimes thats all thats needed.