Yo Brian


Let,s hook up Bro.
This weekend or next.

You ain't but 40 minutes away.

Wait, thats in a car.

You ain't but 25 minutes away.

Hey man we can definitely do that, but we will have to hook it up sometime after Laguna. I'm spending this entire weekend changing the fender and nose piece (I'm sure you read my post about how my dumb ass brother wrecked my bike...). Got all my parts in the bedroom. Gonna put on my frame sliders, new painted inners and such. I'm off this Sat., Sun., and Mon. and I'll be spending the better part of that getting my bike ready for Laguna. Bought a new chain and need to change oil, clean the K&N, and sh^t like that. Gotta bring the Suburban in for servicing on Monday and have a few other particulars to settle before I leave next Saturday. I'm working next Tues., Wed., and Thurs. I'm off for the 4th of July and will spend that giving the bike it's final rub down and trailer it up to leave on Sat. I'll PM ya, cuz I got some more sh^t to tell ya about that issue we talked about before. You're gonna trip out.

Hey man, it's a shame we didn't hook up earlier. We could have made the trip to Laguna together. My trailer is big enough for both bikes and I wouldn't have minded scoopin' you up along the way. Maybe we could hook up somethin' else.

Ok Man,
I'm off every weekend, so let me know.
I missed the one about the bike goin down.
Need something, let me know.
Have a safe trip and Give Lo a bigass hug...............FOR ME!