WTB Gen II left passenger OEM foot peg bracket


If anyone has one laying around and is willing to part with it at a reasonalble price pls PM me asap. I think $60 is a fair deal and I will pay for shipping. Let me know your asking price if you dont agree with $60. I prefer to use PayPal FYI. Thank you fellow .orgsters :please:
Chino, I jest realized your are in my neck of the woods.. so when are we ridding? I know I have a bunch of stuff in storage from multiple busas I have own.. if I find what you need is yours.
Shoots, whenever lol. Did you go to toys for tots yesterday? I don't live in town, more like northshore. Ill PM you my contact info so we can ride when the weather clears up. I will ride in the rain but not if I dont have to lol.