Work in progress


revolution custom paint
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workin on a HD duece. the theme is the coins over the eyes to pay the ferryman [not sure of his name]. here you can see he has all the coins.

here is someone on the other side of the tank giving a coin. this was the first phase of the art. the orange has red clouds in it now and the skelatons have black, and fire coming off of them. i'll post updated pics tomorrow.

You are absolutely sick!
I need a smoking gunz paint job.....
Just need to find a scheme first.
I'm about to reacquire my 2001 Gixxer 750....we may be talking in the near future gunz!!
Can i take a number now, please? before I get left behind?

j/k...lookin sweet as ever man-Amy's tryn to put together a shoot in the next couple weeks, and Im hopefully getn those CF fairings by end of Sept, so we'll have somethin to make'em drool over before Turkey-day if all goes well!!!

keep up the sick work, dawg!