To Diablo or to Diablo Corsa


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Here's the differences and I'm about ready to flip a frickin coin.  Looking for ANYBODY ELSE to make the decision for me.  Seriously, gimme some feedback.  I don't do ANY track racing at all, but I want the stickiest for the street.... but what if I AM caught in the rain???   ARRG!!!!  Toss some perspectives out please.

er.... diagram messed up let me work on that [freakin FLASH sites!!!]

Dude where did you get that chart?:super: I would say that if you aren't doing track days, and you are leaving that 10% margine for the unknown get the Diablo's. There isn't really enough of a performance gain "That you will utilize" to justify feeding your Busa the Corsa "Sticky Buns". But at the same time tires a fairly inexpensive so I would prolly buy a set of Diablo's through the winter months, then come spring when the roads aren't all assed up and full of gravel and crud, replace those with a set of the Corsa. Just a thought worth about oh say... $.005
That's good advice Rev - as I DO ride in the winter and get melted snow on occasion. I'm leaning
Pic was propaganda screened from Perilli's crappy cycle tire website, but it seemed a decent comparison
FYI Metzler's & Pirelli's are the same tire. Only difference is the actual tread pattern. For the street, especially wet or crummy weather get the Diablos not the corsa.
Are Diablo's the stickiest thing going street nowdays? I've had Pirellis in the past and they stuck great, wore quick but that's expected. I want sticky. My 208's never seem to heat up and spin on most trottle twists
did a track day with the diablo corsa's. Felt confident on every turn. First time on the track for me and also first time running the corsa's
Thanks for hook-up. Before reading I was 97% ready to try Diablo's, after reading I'll press the button today so they ship tomorrow.
Cool. I'm getting mine in a couple weeks right before the snow drops, My 208 is so spin happy, I just get mad at the waste of money!

Seems liked them quite a bit too. And Ninja Eater, and Me, and etc etc etc
man I had the blew hardcore. during the spring the roads up here stay quite cool, and that tire spun more than my M1 bald I took the tire off b4 it was even spent cause I hated that tire. I ride now w/an M1 and cool weather, rain, and hot days that tire has been the best thing I've tried yet, plus I got over 5K out of pretty good huh??
check out for cheap tires M1's are $126!!!
I've heard great things for the M1. First Diablo complaint though. These things are hard to tell. I've heard good about the 208 also [and bad] it spins on me ALL THE TIME. With this bike I'll be testing lots of tires I think. :) I'll go M1 next. :D
I just finished reading an exhausting (highly technical) article
comparing the 5 major best selling sport tires on the market.
In a nutshell the conclusion is that they are supisingly similar even when driven to their limit on the track. There are so many variables that you have to buy based on one major complaint you may have about the previous tire.I don't like the way my front tire is wearing (Bridgestone BT 56R), and 5000km on the rear seems a bit too short lived for me. My mechanic recomended the Pirelli Diablo based on my observation about the uneven ware. Aparently the diablo has a three tier system of rubber mix where the center of the tire is hard and the mix gets progressively softer as you get into the outer part of the tire. As far as stickiness (traction) and quickness in directional changes the diablo was better then most and about even with the Michelin Pilot sport . So lets give em a try. Any how I just ordered  the pair this morning and I'll have them on the bike by tuesday.I plan to ride thru the winter here as well and I know the diablo's heat up very fast but how they do on cold asfalt we'll have to wait and see. :35
hey I'm getting mine on Tuesday also! or do I have a split personality I don't know about yet?? I'll be trying to ride all winter... sad test for my new Diablos though - kinda unfair odds stacked against it. :) Oh well, top of the line is top of the line, not many other choices up there. The way Busa burns thru tires I look forward to trying a lot of different ones! :)
I have used two different model Bridgestone tires - Battleaxe 1992 GSXR 750 and BT56 (stock 01 Busa) and both felt terrible in the same exact way. The front rolls on turn in and "walks" off line thru a turn. It is like the side walls flexes and the rim floats around inside the bead. The front end doesn't feel planted and lacks the "on rails" feel. My M1s are excellent in that respect. They heat up very fast but don't gum up too often unless I am really pushing them. I hope the Rennsport Road are stickier and gummier. That is my next tire unless they are slow to heat up. Anyone try those yet?
I have the Pirrelli Diablos on my Ninja eater and they are the best I have run with on corners. The bike just lays down and hugs with very little effort.