Wish us luck


Lightning on Friday set off over 50 fires in my area. The closest is now 4 miles away from my house and moving our direction. Theres supposed to be more lightning storms tonight and tomorrow which is very bad as we have not had rain in almost 2 months and its been in the high 90's and 100's for weeks. We are surrounded by large fir and pine trees so Im praying and crossing my fingers the wind pushes it some other direction as its 0 percent contained. Heres a view from my front yard.
Good luck man -- you might want to think about moving any extra vehicles someplace safe now. That way if you have a forced evac, you don't have to leave any behind.

If I was closer to you (I'm outside Seattle) I'd offer secure garage space for your toys.

I take care & I hope your property stays upwind of the fire.

better get the sprinklers up on the roof, and if you havent already, bust out the chainsaw and think about knocking down any trees that are too close to your home. get your evac vehicle ready just in case.

this is very very bad news! you stay safe tonight.

and if you have to make a run for it do not hesitate. fire can move amazingly fast.
I hosed all the dry needles and leaves off two of my buildings and have one left to go. I also have sprinklers all over the place. Its looking like were going to get 3 days of lightning instead of just tonight and tomorrow. The problem is even if my tall grass and everything around the house is wet, I have so many trees on 5 acres as well as trees everywhere on all the acreage around me as well as the BLM that the fire will just jump tree to tree. Cutting them is just not an option. Heres some pics of town down the road.

Heres a satellite image from 2 days ago, were right below the origin of the smoke on the lower left.crefl2_A2013209213237-2013209214042_250m_or-000_143_zps6c0f5b51.jpg

Heres yesterday.

Heres today with the weather system starting to turn north.
Oh my, good thoughts and prayers coming your way.

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Watch the winds, leave the water on your buildings and GET THE HELL OUT. Do not get caught behind a wind shift. There's NOTHING there worth losing your life over.
The weather changed in our favor. It went from the 80's and 90's down to the 50's over night and alot of the bad smoke lifted. They have it surrounded and 15% contained. I think the Helicopters can get to it now. Looks like we got lucky so far, thanks for the well wishes.