Wire mesh


You know the wire mesh covering the ram air ducts, well I'm looking for the same mesh to cover the openings on the sides of the fairings. Has anyone done this before?
Thinker62 has a sweet setup. See the "Thinker62 - Secret Mod., 007Busa, when is the unveiling??" thread in General. I know a lot of others have done this, so hopefully they'll post how they did it and where they sourced their "screens".
A lot of people have done this. I will post a few pictures. I tried to be a little different and did it with red screen. I also changed the screen over the scoops.

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What nobody wants to share the "how to" info?  awe...  
Kent, did you plug your pukas, or whatever you call them?

That screen info is on the board somewhere. It is pretty easy. You buy the screens at auto parts stores (8"x48" sheets). Expect them to cost $32-$40. Color choices are crome, blue, and red. The tools you will need are wire cutters, needle nose pliars, and silicone.

Simply take off your panals, clean the surface that the screens will need to bond to. I think I had to cut off a little foam that was in the way somewhere. Then cut a big enough piece of screen to fill the hole, plus bend around the inside giving you enough area to silicone it down. Then start your bending. that part can be tedious, but if I can do it, anyone can. Get the piece formed and bent the way you want it. Remove it and put a big fat bead of silicone everywhere the screen comes in contact with the underside. Then put the scren in place. You may end up adding more silicone and spreading it over the top.

That is basically it. the hardest part is the actual bending and shaping. It is better to cut a piece too big and trim it down, than to buy one too small.

Hope that helps.
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