will not stay running

05 Busa, had bike painted the dude painted inside of the tank did not realize until a couple of weeks later. Cleaned filter and inside of tank. Would stutter and fall flat at 6-7k or any hard twist of the throttle. Was doing research on here and thought it was the fuel filter or the pump. Changes and now it will not run for more than a minute and immediately shuts off with any throttle. Please help.....


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+2, injectors, and you are going to need a complete fuel system flush with a new filter, maybe a new fuel pump too (that would be last, after doing the other stuff, but make sure it is cleaned out before you try it on the clean system). The pump holds enough gunk to mess things up as well. The inside of the tank needs to be professionally cleaned. Sorry to hear this! Send your injectors to MPS in FL.



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You might as well go through the entire fuel system, filters, lines, rail, injectors. Do it right.
i had something similar recently. take the tank off and clean out the pump and tank of any gunk. with tank off take the injector rail off and take them out of the rail plug each injector into the electrical conector and crank the bike and make sure u feel a click from the injector and see if the little prindle is moving, if not smack it across the frame and it will come back to life then take brake cleaner while cranking the bike and spray it down the exit side of the injector to back flush it repaet 4 times and spray out all lines. probably got rust or paint in there. my tank was terribly rusted and the fuel pump pushed all that rust into the injectors and plugged everything up. also take apart the fuel filer and back flush as much as u can. worked for me now my bike cranks right up and runs out with no hiccups at all. why send the injectors out when u can easily do it home.

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