Why don't sportbikers turn out for charities


I do about 6-8 charity rides a year for local hospitals and kids centers. Today we were doing a ride for a local hospitals childens center. Well, I decided when I got up that I was going to forgo my normal ride (my Big Dog Mastiff) for these rides and ride the Busa. It was a Poker run and I was helping with it, so we ended up having right at 225 bikes come help out with this great charity, and the ONLY sportbike that turned out was mine. We advertised on local radio channels, flyers everywhere, so its not that the sportbike guys dont know about it. Just wondering if anyone can give any insight on why they dont show up to help out on things like this that can really help the community. And what are you thoughts on how we could get some to show up next time.
Thats where you have to give the harley riders credit they are very organized when it comes to charity events. Sport bike riders are just now beginning to get more organized as witnessed by the growing number of web sites..................
Theres a miricle ride tomarrow here in indy. They even go around the 500 track. I would go, but i have been shunned by my uncle, he's embarrased to ride with me
I think most sport bike riders, when they here "poker run" or "charity ride" they automaticly think it's all harley's and most probly feel out of place or uncomfortable with that crowd.
But, I do agree with Knebnr that as the sport bike generation gets older, like alot of us on this site, I think you will see intrest and organization with the sport bike crowd in the near future, keep in mined that Harley bikes have been around a long time, and sport bikes(busa type) have really only been around a short time in comparison.

Just my thought, but even if I felt out of place at the event, I would still drop by to give what I could for the kids cancer research. Its our chance to give back to community and it seems that sportbikers are just droping the ball. I rode the poker run then helped with giving out the cards for the rest of the day, and not once did I hear a negitive remark about my Busa. In fact, I heard of whole lot of positive things said about it. Things are changing in the biking world, most people now days dont care what you ride, as long as you ride. I love all bikes, just wish we had more sportbikers coming out when we do these things. I hope this does change and you know maybe that is part of the problem that still looms, could it be that the cruzier guys dont feel like the sportbikers come and show support for worthy causes? Just a thought.
My theory is that perhaps sportbike riders are a little too competetive in their approach and motivation for riding. As a result the "spiritual" ,mentally relaxing and "theraputical" aspects of Motorcycling as an Art are forgone ,and replaced by desires of performance,technical skills and last but not least-competetivness.Maybe there is the issue of age involved also and to some respect -Cruisers have achived a high level of acceptance and "Goodwill" among the general public , whereas sportbikes now are considered the extreme and as a result met with fear and resistance......Sportbike riders are confused by the fact that there are indeed a number of riders that take unneccesary risks and endanger the public .....So it's a tough question-whom to ride with and how to keep together and safe when many riders fail to discipline their agressivness or approach Motorcycling in a more zen-like fashion whilst astride a sportbike(Le 'Busa Especially)
Yin Yang P. S Don't worry I'm not insane -I just ramble on -the less I actually know about a topic -the wilder my theories
Allright, I'm full of s*** I really don't know why sport riders don't ride charities all that much -just thought I'd sound enlighted on the subject if I wrote some doo-doo about Motorcycling with a capitol M.......Anyhow I just sold my 2002 R1 and I am waiting for the LE Hayabusa to hit the dealer floors ,after test riding a 2001 'Busa this weekend...I loved it!!! So, If I don't lose my paitience ,and give in to buying the Silver / Gray one I shall have a Jet Black one at end of June
Actually I think what you said made good sence. But there are times you need to put those things aside and do things for others. But I didn't think your comments were stupid at all, thought it very thought promoting.
Aaargh, please don't encourage "The Rambling Idiot" in me...Just kidding -thank you sooo much for your response and I'm glad you found it worthwhile...
It amazes me that only 5 people other than myself thought talking about how to raise money for childens charities and other worth while organizations was even worth commenting on. That's sad.
I think some sportsbike club support charities a great deal. Our club just sponsored an auction for Motorcyclist against child abuse. Which was only one event sponsored by one club here among many held be Sportsbike riders. But i agree whenever i hear poker run- i think harley. And typically they have traditionally been sponsored by the cruiser types. But one thing i'm noticing more and more here in the southeast is a coming together of all riders for major events.