Who & what would you like to beat


The Watcher
Who and what would you like to beat this summer in a run?

I had the Ninja Eater gobble up the local zx12 with mods, now I have my sites on a local Viper with hopped up hp. Just for fun no bucks.
What I want to beat is 9.999 at LACR-
that is my goal for this summer.
Not concerned about beating another rider-
Not concerned about whooping butt in a canyon race- I can handle my own.
Just want to put that 10.0 away.
I need to see a nine anything on my time slip
I've got to beat my little brother. You can't let you kid brother kick your ass at the strip. Mid 9's will beat him so I've got to try.
My new goal;

Concorde - Vr 190 knots, V2 210 knots on take off. I think this is about 238mph. I think I can get it off the line.

<span style='color:darkblue'>Any of those punk ass wanna-be Fast 'n Furious ricers.</span>
I took an Audi A6 on the highway yesterday... HEHE.

The punk obviously didn't know what a sport bike was. So, I enlightened him.


"Wolf in wolves clothing... Don't mess buddy!"
No kidding I was going to say Ninja Eater too Damn I rode with him last year and he wasnt as modded as he is now he still wooped me. I am going to Take off assistant jets
I know that I would smoke a viper, z06 ect. I just want the satisfactory of doing it. Also there is a guy that has a 670 hp 240z I would like to race him. He beat a R1 in the car. It would be nice to get that on film.
Yeah, Z06 and Viper would be sweet... Or even a Lingenfelter 'vette.

I wanna run into the guy in the tricked out '69 Camero that barely edged me on my Kawa Concours... PAYBACK BABY!
Last summer, approaching my favorite long, new onramp [the only nearby 1/4 mile] a black vette with a plates "Darth" had just turned on before me. I slowed to a near stop ASSUMING he'd keep going and let him have some room so I could hammer it. But when I turned onto the ramp he was just sitting there. I almost stopped and he was rolling REALLY SLOW. I waited about 5 seconds and thought "Ok, whatever" and puched it. He saw me lunge and romped it. We took off with me about 4 car lengths distance on his tail. I tend to break near the bottom of the ramp or at 100+ on the speedo which had come first but he kept flying down the freeway, and disappeared from sight after a bit. I don't like tickets.
His plates were local but I have never seen him again. That incident was on my 86 Ninja 1000 and I was shocked it hung in as well as it did!
I'll be trading it in on a Busa soon and then begin to torment a local with a Viper. So I guess that's my goal: sophomoric torment of people who had to spend 4 times the money for half as much fun!!!

DARTH, When I left you I was but the learner... now I AM the master!!!
I can beat my bro, on a new R6, off the line, but on straights, I barely pull on him. I new some new toys to get rid of that. I took an idiot in a eclipse last yr who had 11.99 on his rear window...duh...tough race huh?
I really want to get my bike into the 9's soon, couple mods and it will happen.