which is the best tire hugger? anyone know


i love the look of a tire hugger on a busa and want one on my 07.just wondering who makes the best one and do they come in the stock colors.mine is black.any advice is appreciated
Idk I think hot bodies makes an undertail that matches factory paint but I'm not too keen on their quality. I got a Puig CF hugger and it looks and works like a champ :thumbsup:
I've got the Hot Bodies hugger on my 2000 but only because I picked it up for $25. I probably would go with a Puig if I had to buy a new one. Build quality on the Hot bodies is just "ok."

The one I got was blue but I still had to paint it to be an exact match for my bike.
Found one here.

That's the exact 1 that I have and if you think it looks good in a pic you'll love how it looks in person :thumbsup: Ive seen all 3 in person and Hot bodies and Yanachitty cant hold a candle to the looks or quality IMO :whistle:
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Puig in black works for me.


PS - every thread needs pictures.
Won't the hugger smash into the under tail? The hugger and chain guard look cool but the ones I have had mash down and cause issues...check your clearances clearance....no negative room
On the same topic, how tight are these to the tire? Would there be enough room for a taller 190/55 tire? I like the Puig