Where's our girls?


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Where's our girls ? Lo, Swan, Chick ...
i just got an e-mail fom Lo... she's doing good. she said that her bike is getting some work done to it....
I just got off the phone with BusaChic. She is working for an aftermarket bike seller. A store that sells the cool stuff. She said the House Framing company treated her like crap she dropped that. Her and her fiancee will be getting married one year from July and taking their honeymoon at the Gap. I will try and make it up to Toronto this summer and ride with them. Hopefully July/ August. She said they will stop by my place on their way to the Gap next summer for a few days. She sent me some pics of her riding the new Duc, but I haven't uploaded it yet. She sold the Busa. The weather is the same as here so she has ridden it twice. That's about it for Liz.
So I'm assuming that her board name isn't Busachick anymore. Would it be "DUCKACHICK?
" Oh well, it was nice. It almost bring me to tears to see someone get rid of or lose a Busa. Daaaamn shame...

Hi gang

I've been busy with the cafe. It's almost riding season and we've been busy organizing rides. I've been watching the news and keeping track on what's happening with the war. It's killing me knowing that your US Troops have to go in and risk their lives. Most of them are so young and shouldn't be there but I want you all to know I'm praying and thinking of them daily. I know that Canada has chosen not to get involved with the war and realize that there might be alot of hostility towards Canadians. So I have to say I am a bit worried about crossing the borders. Can you tell me what the feeling is for Canadians right now..are Americans angry with us? anyways, I hope you guys are doing well. Still planning a trip across the border but will wait if you think I shouldn't. Have fun.
Flying Swan,
I wouldn't worry to much most Americans are caught up in the finger pointing mode right now! Mostly at each other. The country is pretty divided about the war! Seems the most vocal are against, but the tides have been changing. I think most Americans support the war effort and our troops, but generally remain silient. You should be fine......................
Last I heard she just added the Duc to the toy box. She still has the Busa.
Last I heard she just added the Duc to the toy box.  She still has the Busa.
Nope it is gone. I just talked to her Friday. When I answered my cell I was blown away that she called from Canada. She had some bills to kill and the Busa did it for her. I think the insurance on both is what was too much for her.
Why would you want a duc instead of a busa !!! Unless speed scares you . Just joking ! As for Canada , I haven't heard anything bad . Now the french on the other hand ... Well we won't go into that !
Hey...Canada is a country? I thought it was a state. Kinda like..Wisconson, or Montana, a lotta space and like, six people.

Well I know some good Canadians and some sucky ones. Just like I know some good Americans and some sucky ones. I do know that we have some good ones (both) on this board.
Swan...I don't think that anyone is angry at Canada at all. The only trouble here in the US have been the end result of Anti War protests. For most of us, it is just about life as usual.

I do need to know if you guys are still coming in May. If not, I may take advantage of good rates and go to Vegas.
Hi Greg,
We're coming %100. There will be 4 girls and the rest guys. Let me know where you want us to met you okay. If there's a place that we could hook up before Seattle or after Seattle. Let us know. We'll be bringing some of the group so we'll just book a hotel for them. But anyways, we're coming..so we'll see you then for sure. Thanks Greg.
ps. if you're want to go to vegas us know. But we'd love to do Mt. St. Helens with you guys and met all of you before the Laguna trip.