What kind of Buell pegs do I need?


I have a gen 1 06 Busa. I'm tall and my knees are getting stiffer on long rides. I hear the Buell pegs are supposed to make a huge difference. I need to know what model/years pegs am I supposed to buy so it will work.

I'd suggest getting a set of Buell pegs from Joe. They will come ready to install.
^what he said! Worth it's weight in gold. Been rocking these for over a decade with no gripes.
Ok, I like to support forum guys but is it worth paying double for his when I can get the adjustable pegs that seem to change the position similarly?
Good price on those pegs. Those are similar to the Vario pegs. Expect more "pigeon toe" with the shifter and rear brake. I have talked to several people that have used both the Vario and the Buells,.........and all decided to keep the Buells. To each his own!! Good luck with your choice!
Ok, I like to support forum guys but is it worth paying double for his when I can get the adjustable pegs that seem to change the position similarly?

They are not a direct bolt on. To do it correctly you have to mill one surface so it will fit in the mounting slot. The pin on the Buell is also larger than the Busa so you will have to machine a sleeve for it. While I have seen it done with common tools turn into a decent install, most of the time the installs I have seen look like a hack job. I own a small lathe and mill so I could have easily completed the machine work myself. When you consider ordering the pegs, setting up and machining them, building the sleeves, I could pay myself minimum wages and it still cost more. Joe must set up and machine many sets at once and buy the pegs at a pretty decent discount to be able to make a bit off of his endeavor. He also includes spare clips. Usually he has a set ready to go and you would have it them in about the same time your local Harley Dealer took to order in the stockers.
I've bought two sets from Joe. I also modified one set myself. I could not do as nice a job as he does. FWIW, I purchased the vario adjustable pegs for my Sprint ST. I took them off after a month and they're sitting in a box. With their shoulder and adjustable arm, they move your feet out quite a bit. I lost a bunch of cornering clearance and got tired of scraping my feet. They may not be as bad for someone who can get the balls of their feet on the peg, but my knees won't let me do that. Getting ready to put a set of buells on my 4th busa this week.
I put the buells on my 06 and love em. lowers footing an inch.. little but it does make a difference. A friend had an extra set for his. I went to hardware store here (OSH) and got some copper tubing 12" lengths.. 4 slid into one for perfect fit. approx $10. cut to length at home. used belt sander pedastal type and smoothed it down to fit.. works like a charm. I had extra length of this tubing and sent some to guy in military for his busa.
I installed Buell pegs years ago on my Busa and love them. I assembled the stuff myself but I wish I had known about the kit supplied by GSX1300R-T. To answer your original question, the pegs are for the Lighting XB12 models. You will also need bushings from the do-dad section of an auto parts store and will need to belt sand or machine the pegs to fit. I highly recommend getting the kit ready to install. Plug n Play!!
I have a set of Joe's (GSX1300R-T) Buell pegs on the busa and I will never go back to stock... The fit and finish are outstanding. They are worth every penny.
I just sold my 2003 Hayabusa and am buying a new 2017. Should be here in 2 weeks. Want to do the Buell foot peg adjustment. Anyone know if it works on the newer bikes...most of this thread are older bikes? Also, how do I order...I haven;t been on the forum for 5 or 6 years and am trying to read up and figure out who Joe is. THe link posted here didn;t work for me...said I don;t have permission. Any help would be much appreciated!!