What is the cheapest way


Alright guys. What's the cheapest way to get some real performance out of these bikes? Well, besides regearing? With all the things I've done to my cars and trucks, nitrous always gave me more bang for the buck. No pun intended. Two satages on my 2000 GMC Sierra and 80k. It recieved the juice after the first oil change and still runs 8.20's in the 8th. On 20's. I want my bike to remain as close to stock as possible and I'd like to run 5.90's or at least 6.0's in the 8th on the bike. Right now all stock, well, it's been lowered, and best I can run is high 6.50's. Most runs are in the .60's. Any suggestions? Thanks. And thanks to all those who responded to my dog bone question a week or so ago. :thumbsup:
Why don't you want to gear it? :super: Sounds like gearing and a few good bolt ons should get you real close to 6.00. Maybe a BDE Hindle exhaust/PAIR mod, air filter/box mod, a Power Commander and a tooth down in the front or three up in the back would have you in the ball park power wise, if you could keep the front end on the ground and not spin the tire under power. Just a thought...
Well, I'll probably go down a tooth on the front. I just don't want to lose too much top end. Not that I use it all that much, but it's nice to know it's there. And now here is another question I meant to ask. How much top end do you lose, mph wise, with a 16/42? Anyone? And the other reason I didn't want to regear too much is because of the wheelie effect that sometimes tends to have. I don't really want to put an extended swing arm on it. Well, not yet. Lowered doesn't intimidate as much as the streched bike. And I kinda like being a little bit sneaky.???
Ahhh, I see. Well, since yer into the NOS thing, why not? :super: I still think you'll have that wheelie problem, though. A buddy of mine has a ZX12R with N2O. Says he only picked up .05 or so because on the juice it either wheelies or spins the tire off. Sounds like it's easier to get power than it is to put it to the ground with a stock length bike. :super:
Does your bud have a progressive controller? If not he should get one. Best thing in the world to control spinning and crazy wheelies. Also with spray, sometimes less is more. Use to spray 225 on my truck. It wouldn't run but 8.50's because it would spin. Dropped all the way back to 175 and it'll run 8.19 to 8.25. There is a method to the n2o madness.
Don't know what kind of set-up he's got but based on his account of the bottle runs I'd guess he doesn't have a progressive controller. I'd definitely want one if I were to run N2O on mine though. I can't imagine a rush like a nice hit of juice comin' on smooth but strong at the big end. Just scares the fug outta me to think 'bout a NOS explosion on a bike runnin' that friggin' fast, though. :eek:
Nothinn' to be scared of. All you gotta do is be conservative with the juice, never, ever run platinum plugs, run a step or so colder than stock, and run some good octane. There are things but basically these will keep explosions to a minimun. Bottle pressue is another thing to keep an eye on. :super: But with a heater or a bottle jacket that can be handled fairly easy. It's probably the route I'll go, but I was hoping to get around to that a little later in the game. Some folks still consider nitrous to be used by only cheaters. If that's the case I've cheated a lot. I'd like to be all motor for a while, then slip it in when they start doing there own mods. Then I'll lie to them and say "yeah well, I've just been holding back on ya." They really get upset about things like that sometimes.:D I kinda like it.
I went one smaller up front and it brought the power into the ranges I ride.
Cheap and effective.
do you have a front end strap? i found that i can run 17/44 gears on stock s. arm and as long as i keep the strap as tight as possible it barely raises. like maybe 6 in off ground as im coming out of 1st. thats one of those little wheelies that feels good coming off the line.
I went one smaller up front and it brought the power into the ranges I ride.
Cheap and effective.
Yeah, I'm lookin' forward to that mod in a big way. I don't run super fast but I like keepin' the revs up in the power band for better throttle response. I think droppin' one up front will really put the RPM's where I want them in 2nd and 3rd gears without havin' to really fly to get there. Should also add back some of the busa snap that is wasted hoistin' my big azz around. Yeah, I know, I could diet... Changin' the sprocket should be much easier and a helluva lot faster! :super: