What does the FI light mean on my 06 Busa?



This is how dumb I am. In 2008 I bought a 2006 Busa from Hudson Valley Motorcycles in Ossining, NY. That's near Croton on Hudson, NY where I live.

It had about 2K miles on it and now it has about 3K. Haven't ridden that much obviously - for personal reasons it was impossible for a while - but I'm past that now.

My question: What does that FI light mean on my Busa? It doesn't come on, ever - as far as I can tell. I tried to search this out on Google - and probably the instruction manual would tell me... but I figured it would be a good way to be a newbie on this forum....

Anyway - I'm a newbie on this Web site in general. I used to be active on a sportsbike forum related to the NY area, which is where I live.

I started off on a kawasaki Vulcan (used) for some reason - after Motorcycle Safety School. Then it bored me and I didn't like the tank not being between my legs, etc. Then I got a new Suzuki Bandit and did a ton of mods to it and for some reason sold it to buy a used Triumph Speed Triple. I liked that bike. I don't even remember why I sold it - and then In 2008 I got the 2006 Hayabusa. End of motorcycle story to date. I guess my total mileage ridden is about 10K. Not much by most people's standards - but I'm 44 with kids and other responsibilities....


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if it starts flashing or stays on it means there is some kind of problem it could be from a very simple that it will reset and you will never see it again or something serious enough that everytime you ride it, the light will come on. its kinda like a check engine light on a car

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