What do you guys use to clean your chains?


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Now that looks like it'll do the job, real good..  
Yeah, I got me one of them chain cleaning brushes~ Works pretty good.. especially for getting the backside of the chain~
Works real well, of course if you wax and clean every 500  miles the chain doesn't ever get real bad. Then it only takes about 5 min.s to clean  



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I cleaned mine with a tire brush from Wally world, some WD-40 and Simple Green..along with another degreaser(I forgot the chain was gold) but mostly a little elbow grease.


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wd40, OLD tooth brush and a few rags... chain wax after! Been thinking about one of those grundge brushes and forgot about them... gonna have to get ones of those!


I like to start with a set of cheap rubber gloves (harbor freight)then a piece of cardboard under the chain run to catch the crud. Then the "grunge brush" and a liberal dose of WD-40 and really work the brush around to loosen it all up. Then grab a rag and more WD-40 and start mopping up the residual crud and wipe down all of the plates, rollers sprocket carrier, wheel tire etc. If there is crud around the o-rings I grab a toothbrush to get in there good.I just give it a quick shot of wd-40 (and after every ride or so) and I am done. I get great life out of my chains using this method!

Most O-ring chains dont really need too much lube as they are filled with grease from the factory. It is usually when the O-rings get eaten up that the grease is aloud to be flung or washed out and then the chains begin to "stretch" which is just another way of saying that the bearing surfaces of the chain are wearing out and giving more tolerance stack up. A good chain lube will clean away crud from the o-rings and leave a water dispersant, light coat of lube on the surface of the rollers themselves.

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I went to Auto Zone and bought an automotive electric fuel pump, a rather cheap one by Mr. Gasket.

Got one of the wife's LARGE but shallow plastic tubs.

About 8' of 5/16" fuel line and a couple of gallon cans of kerosene from Home Depot.

Oh yeah, and pulled the battery out of my "not yet running" Corvette.

Wire in the pump with a switch - to said Vette batt.
Dump the kerosene into the tub and slide it under the bike.
Turn on the pump with intake hose in the tub and the exit tube in the hand.
In mere moments the ENTIRE chain and front and rear sprockets can be cleaned and quick by running the kerosene over the chain as you slowly turn the wheel. The nasty sene runs down into the tub - well most of it.

Works like a champ and cost me about $40.00.

NOW, the reason I went thru all of this is because we rode to the beach and the wind was BA-LOWING sand - looked like Iraq out there with all the sand sailing across the parking lot!
Chain had friggin tons of beach sand adhereing to it (this was post a dealsership check up and chain lube job) and I HAD to do something and quick - shaft drive guys were just a chuckling at my near panick of having to drive all the way back home with a VERY sandy chain.

Back on topic... After all that, I CAREFULLY lube the rollers with Zuki Moly chain lube via the supplied red tube that almost fits in the spray nozzle - gotta be careful or you can get that sh** on your neighbor's house - its like roofing tar, goes everywhere, then FINALLY wipe down any messes with WD40 soaked rag.

Reset the trip odometer and repeat every 400 miles. Its by the book, chemically, and has worked for me.


Time to take the chain off and clean it up. What do you guys use to clean your chains?
No need to take the chain off the bike.

I use kerosene and a plastic brush in a tub under the chian with the bike up on stands. Takes me about 10 min for a good cleaning...5 for a quickie.

Take it for a short ride then relube it while hot.


I watched You tube video where they basically say an O or X ring chain is virtually sealed and lube does nothing, concensus was a little gets between the plates and helps, they tested the top lubes , WD40 and gear oil, they found gear oil to give best results. Ill see if I can find it.

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