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Re-Recycled, Busa-Less...
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2004 CBR1000RR: Gettin' it On
150 Prancing Ponies from Honda
By Mitch Boehm

Judging by this image (from Japan's Auto By magazine), Honda's replacement for the CBR954RR will indeed be a large-displacement-and far more powerful-version of the CBR600RR, just as we reported in our March 2003 issue (page 36).

This next-generation Honda open-classer (known as the RCB1000, but which will likely be called the CBR1000RR here in America) will form the basis of Big Red's re-energized efforts in Superbike racing beginning next year. Like the CBR600RR, the 1000RR uses a host of trickle-down GP technology, including RC211V-like bodywork/aerodynamics and Unit Pro Link rear suspension. An entirely new inline-four will provide motivation, and sources tell us the 1000RR's rear-wheel output will "at least" equal that of even the new Suzuki GSX-R1000, rumored to develop roughly 150 rear-wheel horsepower (vs. 145 hp for the '02 GSX-R).

This, of course, means goodbye to the venerable CBR900RR-spec machines that, when first introduced in late '91 (the first 900RR was an early release '93 model), dramatically redefined the sportbike landscape. We've written this before, but it's a fact that the CBR-RR concept was originally a 750-class machine, and was in late prototype stage when the decision was made to build an open-classer on the same platform-thus the 750-like bore dimension (and long stroke) of the CBR900RR engine.

We'll see what happens...I like "revolutionary" concepts more than evolutionary though, it helps the sport progress. I like it when comanies take a chance, although things like that new Ducati happen...The Busa was pretty revolutionary, or at least accelerated evolutionary.

I would like to see some more radical eye catching designs out there. With the exception of the Busa and some weird euro bikes, (BMW I am looking your way, Ducati, Uh...) almost every New Rice bike out there is nearly identical, especially from about 50yrds. I would love to see more unique designs, you know spice things up a little. Modern sportbikes are reminding me alot of Formula 1 designs, minor differences between models but really they all look the same...

We shall see I suppose...
I am glad it is not as nice as the busa...

I am picking up the Busa the day after tomorrow (maybe)... Tomorrow is an holiday! Shop is closed!

The front of that bike looks like a jewish girl after her sweet 16 nose job, kinda cut short!

I dunno, I kinda like the way the TL1000R melts over the front wheel, or how other bike cower over the front wheel. That bike kinda sticks the tire out, maybe it's the angle

Me neither, I don't like it at all.. the rear side is even worst.. looks like a cow rear-to-rear would easily hold the bike for you while you're lightening a cigarette..