Weekend in Vegas


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Here are a few pics of riding around Vegas this weekend. It was COLD, especially at the higher elevations. This was also my friends first "real" ride on his first "real" bike! He did well, I was sooooo proud!

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Picture above is me of course. One below is at my house getting ready to RIDE!

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Nice shots Doc! You definitely look a littled chilled in that top photo. Thanks for the pics.

Isn't it amazing at the difference in terrain in this country from one end to the other? There's so much to see and so little time to see it all.
No doubt Ben! I really love the Western USA. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and I love to visit there, but my heart is in the West. We have a lot of incredible geography within a few hours of Vegas. You should come out and visit sometime!

Nice pics Doc. I bet that jacket cost as much as the bike...just kidding. Very, Very nice!

It's always great to see members riding pic's. Sorry but were shut down up here till spring (snow - cold). Teach your buddy right. It's always fun getting a newbie out. Looks like a good starter bike for him.
Snow?! I bet it was cold!
Nice job on the hanger!
Tell Oscar hi for me.