Dis in my way!
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Hey guys any of you ever heard of a UAT (Users Acceptance Team) I need a several of you that are in somewhat of the same timezone to help test things that I am working on for the site so that you can actually try or test new things I am working on. I use Narcissus waaaaaay to much, the guy never gets to finish a game of quake because I am ICQ'ing him. Which leads me to the requirements to be on the team.

1. No Guest, you must be a member.
2. You must be a member that post on the board.
3. ICQ is a must, we need to communicate real time. Its free!
4. Somewhat near timezone to Central Time
5. Available to try new things and not twist off on me.
6. Willing to help explain "How To's" when we release it.
7. I need a few on 56k and several on broadband.
8. Not give me a bunch of CRAP when something doesnt work!

Let me know fellas I work on this site every day for hours at a time and since I am the one writing the code I obviously like it, but the product might need a few things. Also I sit about 2 feet from the servers on a 100 mb ethernet so everything is fast to me I need some users in the real world to tell me about performance. Please let me know.

I volunteer

ICQ 74727876

I am a webmaster, programmer (perl, java, c++, etc etc) so i usually realize causes of problems.
Cap. just let me know from the East time zone. 56K (yhea it sucks) all we can get yet until the 2-way satalite comes in.
Oh yhea i forgot, I use Trillion. Trillion uses ICQ- AOL & others all rolled up in one. It is also more stable.
and where do I sign???

more than happy to help, broadband, Icq, the hole nine yards. I might not have the background that ninja has but hay, the more the marrier right?



Hey! I don't play Quake.

Don't mind helping, though, just won't be this weekend. Push hands competition tomorrow. Woo-hoo!
I have DSL. Just let me know what I can do to help.
I have DSL.  Just let me know what I can do to help.
I just downloaded ICQ and my number is 164811417.
I live in Georgia and am usually online around 11:30-12:00 at night. I work afternoons.
I'm straight north of you, in Nebraska. (You're in OK, right?)

I don't have webmaster experience or know much about that stuff, sorry.

I'm on ADSL.

Don't currently have icq installed, but have had it before and it's easy enough to get.

I'm usually home (and awake) from 6-11 in the evenings.

E mail me if you like. bosch@alltel.net