Dis in my way!
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hey guys I am starting a new list that we need to use to let each other know of members with Viruses. Here is the first.

If you receive an email from I would quarantine the email, it looks like this person is spoofing the IP and the email is really going to another address. Be careful out there.

good thinking... i fight these things on a regular basis. i'll post some warning on what to look out for as i get them.
I never open a mail from someone I dont recognize... How do I quarantine?
actually...what that cruddy ol' robot said was " Danger Will Robinson,Danger" . Not to split hairs with ya there capTain . We were just sittin' here tryin' to figure out the name of that ol tub o crap robot . I seem to remember its name as just being 'Robot' .
Topic description changed as noted, thanks for the guidance.