Very very odd


Weird, Saw a copper one when i went to work in the morning. He was just cruisen along the freeway next to me, waved when i got off and went on his way. Next I parked at the gym(where i work) in the front spot closest to the door next to another busa(Red/grey 2000). I was like  

Next I went for a ride up the Ortega Highway and I saw a busa rider (another copper one) having a talk on the side of the road with a friendly highway patrol officer
Final Busa spotting was At night when i was going home. A rider on a Black and silver 01' was pacing me down the freeway.
So tehre you have it. wow, i hadnt seen one in my area. And there are 4 in a day! We are spreading.....  

I only know of one in my area and haven't seen it in over a year then even over the Ama national at Road America I only saw 4 and all on Sunday of a double header weekend. Believe me when I say I got alot of thumbs up or cool bike comments but I did meet a really nice Busa owner in the stands who brought his there on it maiden voyage from St. Paul MN. Only 6 hours away...
Wow, that is alot.

There is one guy here that has a blue and silver, but I've never actually seen the guy.

His bike is a filthy shame though. Last time I saw it it was FILTHY. And I don't mean 'got caught in the rain and haven't washed it yet filthy', I mean gross.

It was a shame. Completely stock (which is fine), but with the awful fender, dirt, mud, chain grease...I wanted to take it home and treat it right

The dealer by me sells plenty, but I RARELY see any on the road.