vance and hines downpipes plus airbox mod


hello and happy newyear

santa was good to me this year i got vance and hines downpipes plus the plates for the airbox mod

am running a power commander k/n filter racing plugs and stbby straight through coffmans cans . she was just set up before taking her off road for winter . set up on dino reading 184.33 bhp 112.33 torque

what gains should i be hoping for with the new mods put on in a few weeks down pipes and airbox mod for helping with the back fire if any
Not an expert on the pipes, typically between 4 and 12 RWHP. Didn't know there was an airbox mod for the Gen II. 184 is impressive with stock pipes.
well if i see her up at 190 at rear wheel i will be more than happy if thats possible . yes theres a mod for the airbox
I dont think its a "mod" just blocks the pair valve so you dont get the popping sound on deceleration.
yes take the shutters off the pair valves and block off with plates helps with straight through headers
wife bought them on usa ebay for 495 dollars shipped to uk which is a good deal as the same pipes just sold on ebay uk for 450 quick. is this because theres no cat on the racing headers .
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i got ya mate cheers so without these cats on the new racing headers . this should give a good 5 or 6 maybe at rear wheel with abit of luck yes