Valve Clearance


What is a fair price/cost for a shop to check all of the valves and adjust any if needed in my busa. I am located in the Bay Area, California.
Please advise and thanks.
Since you live in CA you'll have to check locally. Normal cost is probably 2-3 hours labor + parts.

How many miles are on teh bike? Do you just street ride?

I have never seen a street bike without high mileage really need to ave the valves adjusted. From my experience, if it isn't making any noise and you are under 30k miles, I'd keep riding it as is.
UK dealer quoted me based on hours + parts ( if needed).....said 4 hrs covers the check but has never needed to fit anything but a chain tensioner.
£200 including a new cover gasket.
They even told me that for 99% of big cc suzuki's its almost a waste of time....generally if the sound right and are running smoothly they only do it if either the owner insists or if the bike is under warranty.
I did mine last yr and only two were slightly off and got replaced with spare shims the shop had. I had them done cuase I got the timing chain replaced etc.
Remember that it may be a 2/3 hr job @ $85/hr, but you'll have to pay for shims (if required), gaskets etc. in addition.