Update on my accident


Well. After my little fender bender, when the guy backed up into me. I was told by my insurance company to get an estimate from a local dealer for repairs. I got the estimate back. More than $4000. Any hidden damage that they find during actual repairs could drive it much higher.

This includes every little thing that was damaged by both the impact on the right side and the fall onto the left. Replacement parts only, no fixes or repaints... even the aftermarket stuff Thereby putting the Busa back into the exact condition it was before I was "caged."

My insurance company is reviewing the estimate. Meaning they are deciding whether to give the go-ahead or "total" the bike. I asked the rep I was dealing with which it was likely to be. She said it was too close a call for her to make and that we would have to wait until next week for the in-house adjusters to decide.

"I hate waiting." Indigo Montoya
the total loss rule goes something like this-if its less than 8 years old and the damage surpasses 75% of the value then they will consider it a total loss. This is with automobiles so I assume the same applies to motorcycles. At 4g's of damage, I dont think it will be a total loss for you.
I had a similar incident last year and the insurance company didn't total the bike.